The Curse of The Abraams Manor

By @Bunnygirl13
The Curse of The Abraams Manor

A group of kids on the world's most shocking field trip, get snowed in at the historically infamous manor of the late Abraams family, become shocked when things take a turn for the worst. One by one, by the hour, the people in their party start mysteriously disappearing. And it's up to Terrah and her friends try to figure out what is happening, but they are rapidly running out of time to solve it.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Carl, our resident horror movie enthusiast, walked off from the group, thinking hard about what was happening. He had watched several movies kind of like this, but he’d never thought he’d actually be in one. His mind raced, millions of pictures racing through his mind. Suddenly, Carl had the thought of thoughts. This is exactly what happened in Cabin Slayers 4 when people at a summer camp started mysteriously disappearing! First, it was the adults, and then one by one the kids would start too. But wait, if this exactly like Cabin Slayers 4 – then that meant everyone else would start disappearing as well! Carl’s heart dropped, he had to tell the others. He turned around about to head back when all of a sudden he heard the sounds of something electronic.

“Beep, beep, beep.”

Intrigued, Carl turned in the direction of the sound. Hoping it was a working phone or computer, maybe he could get somebody to come save them. His thoughts of heading back towards the group quickly vanished, as they were replaced by the hope of getting out of here. He walked energetically past the doors, listening carefully for the one with the sound.

“Beep, Beep, Beep.”

There it was again! Carl’s pace quickened and he could hear the sounds getting louder.


Finally, he reached a room with a coffee-colored door. A mysterious blue light shined through the cracks, and his curiosity overwhelmed him. Slowly, Carl turned the bronze handle, its groans receded through his ears. The blue light shone through the door, blinding Carl. His rand reached up to cover his eyes, and he walked forward, trying not to trip on something useful. After a few seconds of carefully placed steps, Carl was fully within the glowing room. The light seemed less intense than it did before so he lowered his hands in anticipation. However, the sight he saw bewildered him, the strange blue light was coming from what seemed to be a giant screen in front of him.

Maybe this room had been the indoor movie theater or something, but weren’t they invented in the late 1880s, not the ’70s? Carl adjusted his eyes to see clearly towards the screen. There seemed to be something on it, maybe a video, he thought. With no warning the “video” started itself, playing in front of him. Carl stared in awe, had this been one of the world’s first movies? The screen showed a young girl, maybe 4 or 5, playing in what seemed to be a large open field. The child danced and twirled as if listening to imaginary music, and throughout the entirety of it she stared at the camera and smiled, her face filled with joy.

How cute, Carl thought, she looked a little bit like Terrah, or was it that portrait of the 7-year-old in the manor. Carl was suddenly confused by the thought, so he stared at the child pensively, trying to silently figure out who she was exactly. And then the screen went black and all he could see was his own face staring back at him. Shocked, he turned around trying to find the projector the supposed video was coming from. Unfortunately, much to his demise, there wasn’t any projector, in fact, there wasn’t anything, the entire room was empty except for that dang screen. Carl suddenly realized that he shouldn’t have come here, he should have gone to the group immediately and told him his theory.

He knew what was coming, a blackout, and then his own disappearance. Carl knew it would end like this, he just didn’t actually expect it to happen. He shut his eyes, awaiting his timely end, and all he could think about was Olive. Oh his sweet and caring Olive, he would never get to see her again, maybe if he didn’t waste his time on horror movie theories or being too dang shy around her then she would remember him as something more than some geek.  

While Carl was silently cursing himself for having such a wasteful life he realized that he had been standing there for too long. To long for someone not to kidnap him that is. Maybe this isn’t like a horror movie! Carl thought excitedly. He’s sure there was a logical explanation as to why the adults had disappeared, maybe they were already back! Carl, with newfound confidence, headed for the door already daydreaming of going back home and leaving this stupid manor. 


The clock chimed loudly this time and Carl stopped in his tracks. Confused as to his sudden pause he tried to walk to the exit again. But he couldn’t, he was stuck, his legs not wanting to move from where they were, as if plastered to the floor. Carl used all of his force to move but he still couldn’t, he stood frozen like some plastic mannequin in a retail store, rigid and lifeless. 


The clock chimed again, and following immediately after was complete darkness. Carl wasn’t sure if the entire house went out or just the room. There was nothing for as far the eye can, he was trapped within this nightmare of a room, unaware of his surroundings. Unsure of what to do Carl simply stood exactly where he was, not as if he could still move anyway. Losing his sense of sight was one thing but Carl had completely lost everything, his confidence, his entire knowledge of everything. Because this wasn’t like anything he’s watched before, no, this was real. Unfortunately, he had run out of time to tell his friends this. And the rest of the students of Willowbrook Middle remained in their own chaos, like sitting ducks, waiting to be picked off, one by one. 

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