The Cure

By @carmenbekavac

Chapter 1

Carmen Bekavac

Mr. Klemesrud

Creative Writing 2

11 February 2020

The Cure

“Zack! Dude, you’re never going to believe this!” shouted Charlie, a tall, skinny, dark haired, seventeen year old, who had an announcement to make like this nearly every day. 

“You’re right, Charlie, I probably won’t. I’m tired of listening to your fake stories,” Zack replied. Zack was Charlie’s best friend and pretty much mirrored Charlie’s image as he was tall and skinny, but Zack had blonde hair. Zack often got annoyed with Charlie because Charlie was always coming up with the strangest theories, and Zack struggled in believing his tall tales.

“No, I’m serious!” responded Charlie. He had just gone over to Zack’s for their daily dosage of video games. Charlie and Zack were juniors at Pine High School in Minnesota. Their town was known for having one of the best medical research facilities in the world. They’ve been best friends since preschool. Charlie was a bright kid who lived alone with his dad; his mom died in a car accident when he was twelve years old. If there was an award for most observant or most curious, he would have definitely won it. He was always alert and noticed the smallest things. Charlie and Zack both loved to roller blade. Neither of them had cars because they lived in a small town and felt it was much easier to get around on roller blades. Charlie taught kids how to skate, both on ground and on ice, to make money so that he could afford college tuition someday.

 Zack was an extremely smart kid who had a hatred for school. He won the spelling bee every year until he decided he was too cool to participate. Zack lived with his mom, dad, and three sisters. He liked to avoid being home at all costs; he hated being the only boy. His dad was always on business trips leaving him alone with four girls at home. Zack worked at the local veterinarian office, basically as a janitor. It was his job to clean up after the animals and make sure everything was in order. He hoped to someday become a veterinarian himself; he loved animals. 

“Alright, alright, I’ll bite. What’s the deal?” said Zack, reluctantly, as he opened a bag of chips.

“So, I was bored during geometry today, so I looked up some conspiracy theories,” started Charlie, passionately, “and I realized something!”

“And what would that be?” a slightly annoyed Zack, said.

“There have been people on the moon, and a Tesla has been sent to Mars! Doctors can grow ears out of skin. Organs can be transplanted from human to human! But, how could there not be a single cure to cancer, despite all of these other crazy things?” Charlie said, with excitement in his eyes.

“Okay, Charlie. You do realize probably hundreds of other people have had that same thought, right?” replied Zack, with a mouthful of chips. 

“Just listen! I know this sounds dumb, but I’m like ninety nine percent sure that I KNOW that a cure exists. After school, I wanted to figure out more, so I snuck into the medical research facility and they just had everything out in the open!” exclaimed Charlie.

“Left what exactly out in the open?” a now somewhat, interested Zack, asked. 

“The doctors, or researchers, or whatever they’re called; they had this whole presentation going about how they were going to contain the evidence of the cure to cancer.” Charlie said, as he paced around the room. Charlie was not wrong. He did see a room of people discussing something along the lines of not letting the world know that cancer was cureable. 

“Even with that, what’re you, a seventeen year old boy, gonna do about it, Charlie?” questioned Zack, with doubt in his voice. 

“Well,” Charlie hesitated, “I may, or may not have snagged all of the files, and may, or may not have also snagged the cure itself.” 

“Are you serious? If this is actually true, do you have any idea how much trouble you could get in for that?!” shouted Zack, in disbelief.

“Who cares? Now hundreds of thousands of people don’t have to die each year. That’s worth all the trouble.” said Charlie, triumphantly. Charlie had stuffed all of the evidence and the cure into his backpack. So much valuable information was being held in such a small space. 

“I guess you’re right. What’re you going to do wi-” Zack was interrupted by the sound of something zooming above Zack’s house. They ran outside and were greeted by at least five helicopters and ten FBI cars. 

“Charlie! Get your blades and go!” yelled Zack. Both boys quickly put their rollerblades on, and Charlie grabbed his backpack, and they roller bladed faster than they ever have before, fast enough to outrun helicopters and police cars. 

“Do you think they know I stole the cure?” shouted Charlie, over the sound of wind and the roller blades friction with the ground.

“No, I don’t think so,” yelled Zack sarcastically, “Of course they know!”

Charlie and Zack both knew they needed to let as many people as possible know that cancer was curable, but they were on such a time crunch, they had no idea how they could, before the plethora of helicopters and cars caught up to them. They bladed to a path that wasn’t big enough for a car to drive on. 

“Let’s just run to the news station quickly, show them the evidence, explain everything, and hopefully they’ll do a story about it?” questioned Charlie, full of hope. The pair, roller bladed through the forested path to the news station and ran inside to find their local news crew in the middle of a live report. They were in a huge room with a giant green screen behind three reporters, and a dozen people behind the camera, making sure everything was in order. 

“Charlie! This is perfect! Let’s just get on the screen and tell our story! Then, everyone watching will know!” said Zack, excitedly. Charlie and Zack began to approach the camera crew. 

“This might sound unbelievable, but we have the cure to cancer and the evidence to prove it, which was found in our town’s medical research facility,” Charlie asked the news crew, “Is it alright if you broadcast the story right this second? There’s kind of a lot of people who are onto us right now.” This was followed by a series of gasps and jaw drops. Charlie was worried that the reporters wouldn’t believe him and that the FBI would catch them before they could reveal the cure. 

“The cure to cancer?” one of the reporters said in disbelief, “Well, I guess we have no choice but to let you guys do this.” The boys were so surprised this was going so smoothly. 

“Sweet! Thank you so much!” exclaimed Zack, with a grin. Zack and Charlie ran in front of the camera.

“Hi. I’m Charlie and this is Zack. Today, I found out that our own local medical research facility has been hiding the cure to cancer right under out noses. I have all of the evidence here in my backpack and I have the cure itself,” Charlie informed the camera.

“We don’t really know what to do with the cure now that we have it. But, if anyone official out there has any ideas, you should stop by here quickly. There’s kind of a lot of people trying to ****** the cure back from us as we speak,” said Zack, hurriedly. 

“I just want to add that one point eight million people in the United States, ALONE, are diagnosed with cancer each year, and our own research facility has been holding out on those people, for no good reason!” added Charlie, matter-of-factly.

“You know what? I bet they won’t release the cure because cancer is a huge, money making, industry!” snapped Zack, angrily. 

Everyone in the room was now intently listening to what Zack and Charlie had to say. They really believed them and were nodding along to everything they said. 

“So, we understand you have the cure and all, but now what? Is there anyone you want us to call?” asked one of the reporters with empathy. 

“What kind of a person do we call for something like this?” whispered Charlie to Zack, with a confused look on his face. 

“I have no idea! The cops were in on it and so is the FBI. Do you think maybe the president even had someth-” Zack was interrupted by one of the reporters.

“Hate to break it to you guys, but the president was most likely in charge of this,” he started to say, “Our best bet is to leak our story and let the public know.”

“Looks like we’ve done all we can,” said Charlie, with a sigh.

“On that note, who wants to get some pizza?” yelled Zack, triumphantly, he then pulled Charlie aside, “Hey, so I just want to say that I’m sorry that I always put your stories down, and never believe them. I hope you can forgive me. I’ll even pay for your pizza.”

“Don’t even worry about it Zack. I know I can be irritating sometimes. Let’s just forget about it and celebrate the cure to cancer with some pizza,” replied Charlie with a grin. The news crew, Zack, and Charlie, piled into a news van, and drove peacefully off to their local pizza hut buffet. 

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