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The crusher

By @rainbowkid_20

“you’re not good enough.”

“you should try harder.”

“you should look better.”

“I”m all you have.”

“Just tell me to leave.”

“You can’t get rid of me.”

I sat there crying thinking it was over

but it was just another thing he was gonna cover.

Cause the truth is. I was just another lover.

Trying to get him to rediscover.

But i’m fine, because i’m just another.

That was left out in the cold by his desire.

Because in the real world you’re undercover.

You’re hidden by all the clutter.

In blade, cuts, falling, crying, and being left to wonder.

But i’m okay, Though he stole my color.

By the time I was able to discover.

I was to far gone to recover.

I felt all I was made of was rubber.

Though everyone else told me I was tougher.

But he found another

Yet he was the crusher.

Leaving me to be the flower

and be the doubter.

Left to be called the debbie downer

because I couldn’t see past the laughter.

“I love you” they say

Oh, well, it’ll go away.

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