The Crimson Heart of Silver Creek

By @ShadowDancerMoon

The Crimson Heart of Silver Creek

By @ShadowDancerMoon

Think middle school is a nightmare? Imagine if a girl was killed right outside your school, not only that but everyone knew her. The police say it was a bear, but who better to investigate than 3 eight grade students

Chapter 1

How It Began

Dabria Jones; the girl with the perfect hair, perfect family and overall perfect life was laying in the shade of the pine trees near her middle school. She was at the edge of her favorite forest trail, nothing but the sound of birds and the delightful breeze passing through the pines. All the while with her reddish brown hair around her head like a crimson chocolate halo. Sounds perfect, right? Wrong! She has no pulse, or life in her once fiery eyes. Her heart was sliced clean in half with cruel brutality and she had numerous savage cut marks all over her, not to mention the chunk of her gut missing. Envious still? I remember it like it was yesterday, Nevin was the first to find her. The fresh memory stays with me to this day.

Nevin found Dabria three hours after school ended, well, we all found her then. It was our daily routine to walk into the woods but never to would we have imagined stumbling upon a dead body- at least not a human one. But, there she was; the Goddess of Silver Creek Middle School, her blue and white bomber jacket was stained red. Oh boy we wished that red was ketchup, and that this all was just some sick prank. I went to her first to see if she had a pulse. I know there isn’t a point to check if someone has a pulse if they have a portion of their body missing and harsh marks scattered all over, but I had never seen a dead person before. My twin, Tyler, just stood absolutely paralysed with terror. Nevin on the other hand- I never saw anyone so crushed. His first reaction was to scoop her up into his arms and cry. She just stared blankly at the sky, and it was very clear that she was gone.

It was a week ago.

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