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The Creep Show by Gregory First

By @EnglishTeacher

The Creep Show by Gregory First

Around the year 1988 there was an overload at a sawmill which killed 7 workers and injured 4. This caused the sawmill to shut down due to safety hazards. The perimeter of this sawmill has always had a little walkway people used as a shortcut to get to places faster. 

As time passes, people are starting to use this passage more and more. It nearly became a road, and the state began to send out people to cut trees, mow the grass and keep it sanitary. 

While taking care of the area one of the workers went missing while trimming a tree. Some workers say they heard distant screams but others disagree with this. Once a search group was released on the scene they found huge bear-like claw scratches in the trees. They assumed he was eaten by a bear because of the scratches, they soon went deeper into the forest area and found the body of the missing worker. There were birds crowding the rotten garbage smelling body attempting to get food. Once the body was located the bear wasn’t near the body. They figured it was finished and left it for scavengers. After extracting the body from the area they cleaned the scene and left it like nothing happened.

In the year 1995 the Creep Show aired again like it always did every fall. This time around they premiered their own tv series which featured the cast to be on set at this abandoned saw mill. No-one in the city realized that this show was filmed in their city, but once they realized some tried to visit the set to see the actors. 

They met the cast members and got autographs and things of that nature. The last episode premiered 3 days before Halloween, they wanted to give cast members time to get prepared  for Halloween so this year the show ended earlier than expected. 

On Halloween night, there was a big party being thrown at a girl named Sarah’s  house because her parents were out of town for the weekend. Most teenagers attended this party, but 2 siblings Cody and John decided to go bag snatching before attending the party. This caused them to be late.

The boys decided to take the passageway through the woods to cut the arrival time in half. Once halfway through the passageway they heard rattling in the woods to their left. “What was that?” Cody asked. 

John responds frantically “I don’t know but it came from over there.” The boys stood still for a while before hearing a very loud snarl and more leaves being crunched in the opposite direction. 

“Go check it out,” Cody said to John.

 “ No you do it!” John replied. Then it showed itself, it was the monster featured in the Creep show this past month. Since the creature was from a TV show, the boys believed it was a joke until it proceeded to do unspeakable things.

Both the boys ran to the other end of the passage, and just barely escaped the creature. They both were super scared and amazed about what happened so they decided to go to the police station to make a report. After making the report the police officers thought they were joking because it was Halloween. 

Both boys decided to go home after making the statement because they were scared to be outside now. After arriving home both boys showered and began to get ready for bed. Once their parents came home a police officer came to their house. The officer was invited into the house to talk to the parents, he told the parents everything and showed the reports that the boys wrote. The parents were confused because both of their kids died in a car accident in 1993.

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