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The Crack Upstairs

By @GalaxyGemini

The Gem Eye of the Faulty Gemini

“Current time: 9:58 PM Date: March 8, 1998” Gea Moonstruck read off her watch. She sunk her bandaged hand into her trench coat pocket and found what she had been looking for. An old key. Of course, this key unlocked the door to Gea’s office. After all, she was a private investigator. And an endangered one at that. The case that she had just taken on had provided that thrill, but she won’t give it up, all because of her incurable monomania. As she opened the door, silently and deadly, she slowly peeked inside. The office had been ransacked, to say the least. Gea sighed, and walked in. The only evidence that would help her with the case was shredded to pieces. She looked down at it and sighed, again. She gathered up the shreds of paper and set them down on the table. “The case” was about the murder of a manager who worked at a bank. He had been at his home, perfectly fine, until a gunshot was heard. It had been an unsolved case, with no suspects, no evidence, and no witnesses. That was until the manager’s brother had found a few papers, in a box that the manager had sent away to a vault in a bank. It was THAT important. As Gea stood there thinking, she suddenly heard the click of a gun’s safety being turned off. She turned around, and saw a shadow walking toward her, across the shiny wooden floorboards. In the hand of the shadow was a Smith and Wesson 3913. The gun was raised, and loaded. With only one bullet in the chamber. As for the bullet’s target, Gea knew that as well. She closed her eyes and thought for a moment, “At least I got to kiss my baby goodnight.” 

A gunshot was heard. 

No suspects.

No evidence.

No witnesses.

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