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That Strange Girl

By @GalaxyGemini


That strange girl who’s always wearing too many winter clothes and keeps preaching that it’s the end of the world is going to lecture me now. Great. I tug at my purple skirt and sigh again. She walks over to me, totally with an aura of pride and a swagger weaved into her step, obviously practiced and perfected over the years. I felt really annoyed with this lady. Hate slowly seeped my blood. She’s probably the type of person who stares at her own reflection in the mirror for a whole hour and still somehow thinks that its meditation. Eww. But, an unwanted feeling comes in. Why would I like this person? No one would want to ever be friends with her. Ugh. I envied her still, because she also carried a smell of sage around. Wisdom? 

She’s like a female Trump, just by the way she acts. But, as soon as she opens her mouth, I’m surprised. “Hi. How are you today? Kinda cloudy, huh? I’m so chilly, though!! Brr!” She can luckily fill the spaces of conversation that I don’t want to fill, though, I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that she thinks it’s chilly. It’s not! It’s pleasantly cool for a summer day, right in the middle of August. 

I have to admit, it is strangely cool for a day like this, but, weather’s weird, you know? In fact, she should be sweating oceans, ‘cause she’s wearing so many layers of clothing that the only part of her that I can see is a small, slightly blue face. So, she is cold. Wow. What a zinger. I clear my annoyance away and decide to speak up. “So, are you okay? You seem really cold. Do you need a hot water bottle?” She stopped having that thoughtful look on her face and turned to look into my concerned face. She smiled pleasantly and shook her suddenly solemn head. Her happy smile wore down and grew sad. “Thank you, but, if I have too hot of something it will bring down my defense from the cold.”

 Defense? What is she talking about?! I sighed and started to shut my door when suddenly a foot jutted in to stop it from shutting all the way. My eyebrows were raised up in surprise when she suddenly pried the door open quickly with a somehow super strong grip. Her eyes darted into mine quickly. Those eyes were afraid. So were mine.

She opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a shrill scream. I rushed past her onto my porch and looked down the street to see what had happened. My neighbors had come out of their houses and onto the street, to stare at something rolling out of the nearby city. A cloud of ice. My mouth dropped open. I froze in shock as the ice got closer and closer. The skyscrapers were completely covered in it, and likely we would all be covered soon, too. 

As it entered our street, I couldn’t seem to get myself to move and find everyone a safe place. Finally, fight or flight kicked in, and I started to run down the street toward my neighbors, who were hurrying in every direction. But, someone reached me first. The girl grabbed me and hauled me toward the town hall. “Everybody go to the town hall if you don’t want to die!” She shouted and then somehow ran faster then I could’v, and we reached the town hall. She jumped inside, and I quickly followed. People milled in, eager not to die of hypothermia. I looked back one time to see how close the ice was. It was right behind us. “Shut the doors, now!!” I shouted to her. She nodded and slammed them shut. The ice boomed against them, and frost gathered on all of the windows. The air turned instantly chilly and we could all see our own breaths.

It warmed up after a couple of minutes, and we all slowly lurched toward the door. They were frozen solid. The girl gripped her hands on the knobs and started to pry the doors open. She grunted from the effort, and now, she was definitely sweating. Finally, they creaked open slowly and we all stepped out. Everything was covered in a thin layer of ice. It was a “Winter Wonderland,”and instead of an air of Christmas and pleasure, there was an air of murder and horror. 

“Hello?” I managed to squeak out. The girl pulled off all her winter clothes to reveal a black t-shirt and shorts. She walked over to my side and slipped a hand into mine. I looked over at her, a sad look on my face. She edged closer to my side, and I laid my head on her comforting shoulder and closed my eyes and cried inwardly. My neighbors crowded around us, horrid looks on their faces. She simply and gravely stated:

“I think we’re the only ones alive.” 

The End…. 

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