The Cork Girls

By @Rachel_writes
The Cork Girls

The Cork Girls was just a thing that I wrote for my friends. The characters (Cara, Charli, Daisy, Mary and Annie) are all loosely based on them. I wrote it to make them laugh, and I am happy to say that it did (well at least they say it did). They are the real people behind this. But they want me to publish it so I'm going to post it on here to see what happens. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Cara

I swear I didn’t mean it. No honestly I didn’t

That what I have to keep saying to mum, over and over again. And it’s true, well mostly, but she won’t believe me. 

And Dad is just shocked, like he won’t even talk about it. He acts like it never happened and the reason I’m stuck here at home for the next week and a bit, is because I got extra days off or something.

You see, a week ago, I forgot my ingredients for Home Ec, which did not go down very well.

“Cara!” Charli, my extremely annoying Home Ec partner, cried at the start of class, “Where are your ingredients?”

She gasped, and her friend Daisy, with a permanent scowl on her face, pursed her lips. 

I raised my eyebrows, “Hang on, I brought them last time, it’s your turn”

Charli did that thing where she wrinkled her nose, as though she’s disgusted and gave an oddly encouraging smile, “But you offered to bring them in last time- remember?”

My eyes widened, and it hit me. The week before that, I had completely messed up the whole thing by bringing in the wrong recipe. For cheese scones, not brownies. 

In my defence I had to go to my uncle’s wedding that day and no one bothered to tell me the recipe because my entire class are *******- just saying. 

“Oh my god!” I gasped, “I’m so sorry!”     

Charli sighed, and I saw Daisy roll her eyes out of the corner of my eye, “It’s ok”

I can tell she was annoyed at me, and that Daisy was fit to kill me. I bit my lip, “I’ll make it up to you- I swear”

I was about to say that I’d bring in the ingredients next week- but I was pretty sure that that was the opposite of what she wanted.

“It’s grand” she muttered.

She waltzed over to Saoirse, who shot a glare at me and handed Charli some chocolate powder and an almost empty bag of flour. She put it on our counter and sighed. 

“At least we have two ingredients” she sighed, looking at the floor.

I gritted my teeth, could she be anymore sorry for herself? It was just ingredients! Not like I killed her cat or anything. 

“I’ll go see if anyone has any spare ingredients” I murmured. 

I walked around the room, trying to think of anyone in this class who would be willing to give me ingredients. 

No one came to mind.

I frantically paced around the room, trying to see if anyone had anything to spare. I could see people glaring at me from across the room. 

I clenched my fists. How could I have been so thick? And it wasn’t even the first time, that’s what made it so much worse. 

I walked over to one of the very few girls in my class that I could stand; Marissa. 

“Hey Marissa” I said as I walked over. 

She was eyeing her list of ingredients carefully, and muttering to herself absentmindedly.  

“Hey” she muttered, without looking up from the list

“So I forgot my ingre-“

“What do you need?” she sighed, with a roll of her eyes. 

I felt a pang of annoyance then, she acted as if it was obvious that I’d forget my ingredients. I didn’t do it all the time, after all. She didn’t need to act like I was a complete airhead. 

“Eggs, butter and sugar” I muttered, through gritted teeth. I took back what I said- Marissa wasn’t someone I could stand after all.

She looked around her counter hesitantly. She picked a sad looking egg and the remnants of her butter.

“There” she grumbled, handing me the egg and butter reluctantly. 

“Thanks” I said, taking them off her. 

“You’re welcome” she said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

I rolled my eyes, she was beginning to crawl up my “top-ten most hated” list. And she had seemed so nice! 

I walked back to my counter where Charli sat, looking disappointed. 

I huffed, annoyed at her. Again, not like I killed her cat or anything. She was making a big scene over practically nothing. 

I eyed the counters, I needed sugar. Oh! And milk! Looking back, Marissa had practically a whole carton of milk left. I should’ve asked her! Too late now, I couldn’t go back. She’d just roll her eyes some more, which may result in me ripping her eyes out. Ugh, maybe I was a complete airhead after all. 

I felt myself walk into something hard, not brick wall hard, sticking-out-bone hard. 

I flew back, and hit my back against the tiles. The ingredients flew out of my hands and heard the egg crack somewhere toward my left. 

I stood up, my legs felt like jelly, and my **** hurt like hell.           

“Ow” I muttered aloud. 

Ms. Longheart glared at me with those beady-demon eyes. 

Oh ****, I thought. 

Laughter erupted around the room.

I turned beet red, and looked at the floor panicking. ****, ****, **** a voice in my head echoed. 

Ms. Longheart turned her gaze, and I realised it wasn’t me they were laughing at.   

I turned around, to see Daisy on the floor, covered in egg. She must have slipped in the butter too, which explained the yellowish mush on her foot. She shot me a look that could’ve turned you into stone.

The only other person not laughing was Charli, who just looked plain downhearted- god, I could kill her.

Ms. Longheart growled, like an angry dog. 

“Silence!” she screamed. 

Everyone stopped, but I could see some of them sniggering behind Ms. Longheart.    

She shot a look at Daisy, who was trying to wipe some of the egg off her apron with a  tea towel someone had given her, but the tea towel seemed somehow able to make it worse, and soon the entire apron was covered in eggy-goo. 

“You!” she yelled at Daisy. 

Daisy jumped slightly and dropped the tea towel on her foot covered in butter. She bent over, but managed to slip in the butter again, and fall to the ground with a bang. 

Ms. Longheart glared at her, “Go to the bathroom and get cleaned up!” 

I could see a vein in Ms. Longheart’s forehead begin to swell, in a way that made me feel a bit sick.

Daisy nodded, timidly, and made a desperate attempt to haul herself back up using the counter. But she fell once again, and this time whacked her head against the counter. This created a wave of laughter once from around the room. Daisy glared at me, she always seemed to look ****** off, but clearly this was what a truly ****** off Daisy looked like. And I didn’t like it.

I bit my lip, Daisy hated me enough, without me creating this much trouble for her. I walked towards her, to try and help, but instead I felt Ms. Longheart’s arm swoop in front of me. 

“Stay here” she hissed at me, with a look that could kill.

She looked around the room, and the laughter seemed to cease. Her eyes landed on Charli, who looked suddenly terrified.

“You!” she barked, Charli gave a hesitant nod, “Go help her!”

Charli nodded again, and walked over to Daisy. She helped her up and guided her to the door. Meanwhile, Daisy shot me a glare almost as deadly as Ms. Longheart’s. 

Once they left, Ms. Longheart glared at me. She crossed her bony little arms, as I felt everyone’s eyes on me. 

I gulped, I was so dead. 

“What in God’s name do you think you’re doing?” she growled. 

“I… well you see I sorta, kinda….” I stuttered, I could feel myself shake, and for some reason I was finding it difficult to talk. 

“What?” she spat, so violently that spit flew everywhere.

I winced, “I forgot my ingredients” I muttered. 

Ms. Longheart eyed me quizzically, “What?” 

“I forgot my ingredients” I said.

“I can’t hear you!” she barked, moving her face in close. 

I took a step back. 

“I forgot my ingredients!” I yelled.

Ms. Longheart gasped, “Did you just yell at me?”

****, I thought, ****, ****, ****y, **** I’m really dead now. 

“well” I stuttered, “I guess I did” 

Wow, I really was a complete airhead. 

She shot daggers at me, “You guess you did?”

I nodded, what was I doing? 

“And you forget your ingredients?” she spat, “Again?”

My heart was pounding, it seemed to be crying out “thick, thick, thick, thick, thick” over and over.

I nodded again. And Ms. Longheart sighed.

“Well then, we are going to have to do something about that, aren’t we?” she spat. 

I shrugged, I decided that I needed to do something other than nod my head. 

She stared at me, for a lingering moment. It made me want to shrivel up and die. I could feel everyone else watching expectantly, waiting for something to happen. I felt a great pang of annoyance then, could they not mind their own business? I was being humiliated enough, without them watching me like I was a movie or something. 

She crossed her arms again, “Why don’t we separate you and your partner?” she said slyly, “Save us all a bit of trouble” 

I nodded, that was actually a good idea, I was expecting much worse, like being sent to the head’s office or a discipline slip. 

She grinned, evilly, to the point where I was sure she was related to the devil or Hitler, or ,secretly, a comedian, “What’s your partner’s name?”

She said it mock-sweetly, but if I still got to make brownies that tasted decent, I didn’t mind. 

“Charli” I said. 

“Ah, yes, the girl who’s helping Daisy” she said, with a mask of innocence. 

I nodded, once more. With all this nodding, I was sure my head would fall off eventually. 

Ms. Longheart nodded, smiling, “Well I suppose they can go together”

Well that made sense, only thing is they’d probably spend the entire time talking smack about me. 

“And as for you” she said slowly. 

Seriously? Was this woman trying to add suspense to everything? Could she not just get on with it? 

Please not Marissa, I thought, anyone but Marissa, well not anyone, preferably someone who doesn’t annoy me. 

“You can-“  

Stop dragging it out! I yelled in my head, just don’t say Marissa. 

“-sit and watch?”

“wait, what?” I gawked. 

Did she just tell me to sit and watch? No, she must have told me to go with Susan Walsh, that made more sense. 

“Well you’d just ruin it for everyone else” she said, in a patronising tone. 

Ruin it? RUIN IT! My jaw clenched. She couldn’t be serious. 

She shrivelled up her nose, as if I was a bad smell, “You’d only make a mess, it’s safer if you watch”

No. No way in hell. I felt a giant wave of anger hit me. Even if it was a joke it wasn’t funny. 

She bent over, so she was eye level with me, “After all, you are just an incompetent, useless *******

I clenched my fist. I wanted to wipe the smugness off her face, I wanted her to feel little and small like how she made me feel. 

Jesus, I was an airhead and psycho. I was really coming up in the world. 

She moved in closer, so that her nose was inches away from mine, the smugness was gone now and replaced with angry, bitterness.

“If I had my way” she hissed, “You wouldn’t be allowed within a twenty kilometre-radius, of this school, you’re just a stupid little idiot and we don’t have room for people like you, now do we? You are a worthless, no good-“

I couldn’t take it, I just couldn’t take her anymore. 

“waste of space-“

So I swung. 

You can guess what happened next, the usual being sent to the principal’s office, parents giving out, getting my phone taken off me, etc. Etc. 

The guidance counsellor was the only one who didn’t yell at me. I told her what happened, and she managed to keep me from being expelled. 

On one condition, I have to keep a diary. Seeing as she’s going to make everyone in my year keep a diary anyway, she thought I should “go over the event” and “try and come to peace with what happened”. Come to peace? No one died, I punched my teacher in the face and everyone in my class was there to watch (even Daisy and Charli, who came back in when she was telling me just how useless I was). And ,knowing Susan Walsh, the entire school probably knows some twisted version of what happened. 

My friends don’t even know what really happened, I don’t have a phone, so I can’t text them. And I’m suspended for a week, and not allowed to leave the house (mum won’t even let me come grocery shopping with her) so I can’t tell them in person. I can’t even imagine what Susan’s been saying about me, and it’s killing me not to know.

I’m meant to end this entry by saying something along the lines of “my name is…. and I…..”, plus mum is calling me to empty the dishwasher (and I probably should, seeing as I’m in enough trouble as it is). So I better hurry up

My name is Cara O’Neil, and I punched my Home Ec teacher in the face.

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