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The confession of a troubled woman

By @Deann

The subject

I was confused on the topic not taught to me

A subject not thought about

I didn’t know at the time existed

Teaching the yourh this important subject

Will help dreed leaders with confidence

Not needing others for the answer

Self love is the foundation of healthy self esteem

The difference between knowing your Worth or

Feeling worthless

The lack of knowledge in the subject can be detrimental

One of the causes of not knowing ones own identity

Leading them to follow the troubled ones who

Mutated self love to selfishness

Not capable of caring about others weaknesses

Instead useing it to their advantage

Not teaching you have to love yourself

Before you can love someone else

Or else how do you know if your truly being loved correctly?

Advise is only a suggestion

only you know the answer to that question

Or do you?

Self Discovery is a sad thing

Which means you don’t know you

The one person you should know more then anyone else

Dont confuse self growth and self Discovery

One is to become better

The other is getting to know your self

Like meeting a stranger

I say this from experience

I didn’t know myself and I had to find myself

I didn’t trust myself

I questioned myself

A prisoner in my own body

Teach our kids the value of self love

And the rest will follow

Self love is the foundation to confidence

And knowing self Worth.

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