The Condemned

By @hbrown262
The Condemned

I made this up in history class, suppose I took inspiration from the deranged minds of the past. Or maybe I'm deranged?

Chapter 1

We dwell under an eye of red

With bloodthirsty horns and a tongue that sells dread

You’d think him unpresent till he grabs you by the head

What a life he’ll corrupt

To pawn off their guts

Not a one can be compared to the prince of evil glares

He corners you with hate, with hurt

Then casts you in the dirt

When faced with death, he’ll flirt


I find it unsettling

The many lives he’s threatening

It is to say, at present, overrun

And think of all that shall succumb

How depressing it is

That everyone is touched by this

Can even I resist?

Of all the many fallen

How should I avoid the bottom?

How could I escape?

As the others meet their fate

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