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The Color of the Sun

By @ReedsyNerd

Chapter One: Cassidy A. Tyler

Cassidy Tyler hates maths. Not the subject but the class. Her main philosophy is if students were allowed to do maths without a teacher telling them how to do it from grades seven up then everything would go quite well. Much better than how it goes now. She even tried to get a petition going but it ended up on no one’s desk with only three signatures. 

“I don’t think that she hated the subject or the class,” many of her closest friends would say. “I think it’s that blasted Mr. Bill.

But, they would be wrong. Casey loved maths. Maybe not as much as the Arts but love well enough. Among the things Mr. Bill loved were maths, torturing students, and passing out homework due yesterday. Nonetheless, she didn’t hate the teacher. Casey loved doing the work no matter if she needed to go back in time to complete it. She thought his lectures interesting and his harsh attitude better than nothing. No, what she hated was something no one would have guessed. She hated the class but she did not hate the teacher. She hated the people. Not just maths. She hated the school. The children. The way they acted, the way they talked, the way they played at lunch. But, the one thing, the one thing of all, the way they broke the rules. The way they cracked them, snapped them, chopped them up into tiny pieces and threw them away. She hated everything they did. Casey did not throw away rules. She loved rules. She loved them with everything in her heart. All kinds of rules. The ones the school made. Phones are away even at recess. The ones the government made. Don’t steal unless it’s your brothers. And the ones she made. The sun is xanthic. People at school used their phones in class. They stole things to be cool, and they drew their suns yellow. People always made fun of her for that. They told her the sun was at least gold. She hated that. They suggested that she steal too. She hated that. They told her that the lesson was just too boring. She would rather die. Casey Tyler does not hate class, she hates classes. But, Cassidy Tyler does not hate maths.

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