The Coffee Shop

By @lovelybambixoxo

The Coffee Shop

By @lovelybambixoxo

Just a little quirky poem to start with.

Chapter 1

Red mug

and obtuse

Too big for my hand.

It’s bold and rich with steam

A brown I have never seen

Biasedly, stares

already has formed an opinion of me.

Clink Clink

Pour, Stir, Clink Clink

Too much milk

Too much cream

Nothing has changed

-since the addiction started

Tired eyes blood shot veins

‘Give me my coffee. And thanks’

Chapped lips kiss the rim.

Need more to be said?

Soft,jazzy, ballads

Piping hot teapots

filling the senses with spices and herbs.

A moan slips in comfort

a craving taste buds deserve.

Rain or Sun.

Leaves floating or flowers blooming.

Conversations and creativity hums in the mind.

Laughter or grieving; emotions of times before us have consumed

this room.

-which is why there’s always a set tone.

Old lovers and new patrons, old friends and new acquaintances be not forgot

Every smell has it’s own pot.

A coffee shop is home.

It has a heart.

The coffee shop.

The most beloved place we love to stop.

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