The Coffee Place

By @Orchid

The Coffee Place

By @Orchid

A book simply about fate, enjoy.

Chapter 1

A mocha please?

I walked in, the familiar smell of coffee hitting me instantly, so familiar it smelt like home. Well I suppose The Coffee Place was by now. It’s where I spent half my time. I walked up to Arthur and requested,

“One mocha please?”

“You didn’t even need ta ask.” came the reply, as he started brewing the coffee. I headed to my seat, a cosy corner booth with plush, garnet padding over a mahogany frame.I placed my bag on the seat next to me and began placing my things on the matching mahogany table: my water colours; water bottle; art book; paint brushes; pen and pencil. I traced out some doodles with my pencil, dipped my thinnest paintbrush into my water bottle, swirled the brush into my colour of choice and started painting. Eventually, my head ran out of ideas to doodle and paint, so I decided to look around for inspiration. There were the plants but I had drawn one too many by now. Then there were the other people, and people watching and trying to lip read was quite fun for a while. I inspected the humanity that surrounded me, until I found them. A girl (sitting sideways so I could draw her perfectly) with hair like a moonlit, midnight ocean: jet black and shiny. She wore a cropped turtleneck that had red and white stripes with baggy jeans and scarlet, suede sandals. Her skin was fair while she had dark burgundy lips. There was something about her, an aura that felt so mysterious and hypnotic, I couldn’t stop staring; I didn’t even notice Arthur call my name to give me my mocha.


“Oh, sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” I told him. He sighed.

“Anyway, here’s ya mocha.” as he started to leave the table, I saw my chance.

“Um… Arthur? Who’s that girl over there?”

“Oh, Kai. She’s new to the place. But a coffee lover like the rest of us here, so she found this place.”

“Kai.” I repeated, almost testing the word out.

“Why did you want to know?” he asked.

“No particular reason.” I assured him.

“OK, I shall burden you no longer. Enjoy the coffee.”

“Oh, Arthur. You know I always do.”

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