The Cliff's View

By @RosewoodKat

The Cliff's View

By @RosewoodKat

For the End of Summer Writing Contest.

Chapter 1

I think my new tattoo is haunted

It all started when my wife, Kelby, brought up the idea of getting matching tattoos. She already had more tattoos than I could count, but for me it would be a first. I am very sensitive to pain, so I yelled and cried about it for hours not wanting to go. Finally, she convinced me to do it as an everlasting mark of our love. The tattoo is an image of her and me, sitting on a cliff, and watching the sunset. I didn’t know it at the time, but it had much more meaning that our love.

Kel’s always been a daredevil, unlike me. “Elliot let’s go bungee jumping,” or “Elliot let’s go skydiving,” she would always say. Even though I hate even hiking up a mountain, I always did it for her. I loved her with all my heart. That’s why I still blame myself to this day for not going with her to Nepal.

She has always dreamed of climbing the most dangerous cliffs in the world. Kel told me I didn’t have to go with her, and I went along with it unaware of how deadly these cliffs were.

Two days after Kelby left I saw her in a dream. I was sitting on top of the cliff looking down at Kelby climbing, but she didn’t seem to notice me. I saw a large sized rock rolling toward me, but when I tried to pick it up and stop it it rolled right through me. I barely noticed where the rock had gone till I heard a gasp and the most heartbreaking sound: Kelby’s cry for help. That is when I realized this was no normal dream. This was real.

I turned around and time stopped as I watch her sink into the rushing current below. Before she went under I saw a last ray of sun cross her tattoo, a perfect match to mine. Her body was swept away by the current and just like that she was gone.

Tears filled my eyes and I cried. I thought I had woken up when I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard Kelby’s voice say, “Elliot, it’s ok.” I opened my eyes, but I was still on the cliff. Kelby sat right next to me, “I made you get this tattoo for a reason. So we would never lose each other.” I held her hand and we sat there and cried together until it was just me and I was awake.

Kelby is gone. She was killed when she hit the rocks below the cliff and swept away by the endless current. However, every night in my dreams, I find myself sitting on the cliffs in Nepal endlessly watching the sunset with her and talking for hours upon hours. All because she made me get a matching tattoo.

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