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~The Chronicles of Two Lovers~Dean’s Story

By @IsabellaAnn125


His hand stretched forth, shaking and tired because of the battle that he just been through. His hand was full of blood, not that it was injured but because of the strike Armuel Sanders had made across his chest, which he immediately covered with his right hand. He dugged on the earth and dragged himself across the floor. His breathing was heavy. Even with all the commotion going on outside of the building Armuel just kicked him through, you could swear that you can hear the THUMP THUMP, THUMP THUMP, THUMP THUMP! of his fast heart beat.

He reached out with his hand again and dugged it into the earthy floor and winced as he dragged his body even further, all the while holding his huge chest wound with his left hand. His breathing got faster because of the pain. Dean was covered in sweat, his long bangs sticking to his face. He cursed.

‘Why? Why did I have to make the dumb decision betraying him. WHY?!’ He screamed in his head.

THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. Armuel’s boots could be heard coming closer and closer to him. Also the metal noise that his long broad sword made as he dragged it across the rocks in the earth outside. THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD! Dean closed his eyes tightly, not only becase he was scared but because he was dissapointed in himself.

He opened his eyes and turned his body around on the floor to face Armuel who was now standing about 9 feet away from him. Dean winced in pain again. He was tired. Armuel was indeed stronger than he ever used to be before. But before he was way too strong as well. Dean’s head was lifted to see Armuel but he was so tired that he let it fall back on the earthen ground.

“Man, I’m sorry. Armuel, I’m am so sorry.” Dean tried to say through his heavy breathing.

Armuel Sanders looked at him with an emotionless face showing no pity. He picked up his sword with no effort and struck the ground, digging his sword through the earth about a foot in, right infront of him. Armuel leaned down on his sword and rested his chin on the pommel of his sword. He smirk and gave Dean a look as though Dean was a pile of garbage.

Armuel tilted his head to one side. “How does it feel?….How does it feel to be at the other end of the line?” Armuel asked Dean. Dean stayed silent.

“Feels miserable doesn’t it, Dean?” Armuel said his name as though it was a cursed word. “You know…I knew you were an ambitious man. But what you did, I didn’t see coming at all. Not even from a mile away.” He sighed. “Disgusting but beautiful picture I see. Disgusting because it’s you. But beautiful because you are in complete pain and are dying. Why don’t I just end it, shall I?” Armuel said.

He then pulled the sword from the ground and walked slowly to Dean and thrusted the sword into his chest with such a force that Dean’s body jumped. Dean held onto the broad sword now stuck in his chest, trying to pulled it out, but it was of no use. He then began coughing and coughing, accompanied with blood. Armuel then began laughing and soon sliced upward through Dean’s chest. He had sliced right through his left shoulder. As he did Dean yelled it pain. Blood splattered on Dean’s face and on the ground.

Armuel then left laughing and laughing at what he just did. There Dean laid on the ground. He watched as Armuel walked away laughing. The vision becoming blurrier and blurrier. The last thing he saw was Kandis running towards him, her face completely blurry before Dean passed out.

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