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The Catcher Caught My Heart

By @TaylorB15

Chapter One

I thought nothing would change. I wanted nothing to change. I thought we were inseparable. We had been best friends for ten years, we were past that just in high school changing stage, right? 

Boy, was I wrong?

The first day of our junior year was a pretty average Monday morning. I had woken up at 6 a.m., gotten ready, put on my annoying school uniform, and eaten breakfast. It was 7 when Wesley came over to watch our morning episode of The Office. We sat on my living room couch the same way we had for 10 years; he had his long legs resting on the footrest and my short legs were resting on his calves. I turned on Netflix and began searching for a good episode.

  “Coach emailed me last week,” Wes said as the theme song came on.

  “Oh yeah,” I asked, half listening, “What’d he say?”

  “He’s making me the starting catcher. He said he wants to play me more this season.” Wes answered. He was looking at me now.

  “Really?! Wes, that’s great!” I excitedly said, turning to face him.

  “Yeah, it really is. I could get a scholarship if I play more. It would make my life after next year easier.” Wes said. I gave him a quick hug.

  “Send me the game schedule as soon as you get it ok?” I told him. He nodded and we went back to watching the show. Half an hour later it was time to leave.

  “My car or yours?” Asked Wesley as we walked out my front door. I locked it and turned around. I looked between the cars for a brief second before pointing to his car. We walked through the left side of my lawn to his driveway and I climbed into the passenger side of his Ford. He ran inside and got his 11-year-old sister before joining me in the car. 

  “Good morning Sarah!” I said with a smile as his sister buckled her seat belt.

  “Morning Gwenny. Which episode did Y’all watch?” Sarah replied as Wesley pulled out of the driveway.

  “The Fun Run episode in season 4,” I told her. She nodded her head. The car ride was normal. After we talked for a second Sarah and I took the aux cord and blasted some old Taylor Swift songs. Wes pretended to hate it but always wound up singing along. We got to the school and parked in our usual spot.

  We went to a small private school called Blue Ridge Christian Academy. It was near downtown Blue Ridge- only about a 15-minute drive from our houses. We had gone to BRCA since kindergarten and even though we had always been neighbors, Wes and I became friends there. There was a small playground where the elementary kids had recess, the baseball field, a small outdoor bathroom, concession stand, and Equipment room by the field. There were two main buildings. The Elementary and Middle School building consisted of 2 classes per grade, 2 floors, and two bathrooms. The High School building was also two stories. It had all 4 language classes, a science lab, an English classroom, a Religion classroom, and 2 bathrooms. There were also lockers in the hallways, a small library, and 2 bathrooms. The cafeteria was sort of like a large hallway with two rows of tables and a small kitchen that connected the two buildings. The school was so small that we only had two teams- the chess team and the baseball team. The baseball team was started last year and consisted of about 12 high school boys- as did the chess team. 

  “Later Sarah! Love You!” Wes and I called as she went to the Elementary/Middle School building. 

  “Bye! Love Y’all!” She called back. Since it was the first day, Wes and I went to the library to get our locker numbers and class schedules. We got lockers 311 and 312 again that year. I examined our schedules as we found our lockers. 


Locker num: 311

8:00-9:30- Biology

9:40-10:40- English

10:50-11:50- Spanish

12:00-12:30- Lunch

12:40- 2:10- Algebra 2

2:20-3:30- Religion


Locker num: 312

8:00-9:30- Algebra 2

9:40-10:40- English

10:50-11:50- Spanish

12:00-12:30- Lunch

12:40-2:10- Biology

2:20-3:20- Religion

  “We have 3 classes and lunch together,” I said as we reached our lockers.

  “Sweet,” Wes said with a grin before taking his schedule back. We put our books away as the bell rang.

  “Warning bell. See ya later. Don’t forget to text me your game schedule.” I said as we walked in different directions.

  “I will. See ya.” He called after me. 

Math seemed to take forever. It was all review of Algebra 1, which I took my freshman year. I almost fell asleep in class, managing to stay awake only by writing another song in my new notebook. Finally, the bell rang and the rest of the class hurried out. I grabbed my textbook, notebook, and pencil case as everyone went out the door.

  “Thank you Mrs.Montgomery. Have a nice day.” I said as I left the room.

  “You’re very welcome Miss Thomas,” Mrs.Montgomery said with a smile. I walked out of class and found Wes waiting for me by our lockers. We got our English notebooks, Spanish textbooks, and notebooks, and made our way to English. 

  “Enjoy Algebra?” Wes asked me.

  “All review. I didn’t get any notes. No homework though.” I replied. He shrugged as we entered the classroom. The bell rang and in came Mr.Bell. He began writing his name on the board.

  “Take your seats, everyone!” He yelled before turning around. The class looked around at each other confused; he was the only person standing.

  “All right. My name is Mr.Bell. This is English for Juniors. Today we will discuss rules and the syllabus. Did everyone print their syllabus?” Mr.Bell was quite the idiot, to be honest. Everyone in the class has been in his English classes since freshman year. I looked to Wes who signed “idiot” to me. I held back a chuckle and nodded. Wesley’s dad was deaf, so when we became friends I learned sign language. 

  Mr.Bell spent the whole hour explaining the rules of the classroom and explaining the syllabus in detail. It was very boring, to say the least. At 10:50 the bell rang and Wes and I darted out of the room. Spanish class went by fast as well. In our school we took Latin from first grade through fifth, Greek sixth through eighth, French ninth and tenth, and Spanish tenth and twelfth. Since it was our first day, Señora Susy basically just asked us basic questions the whole class. When the bell rang again at 11:50, we left class and dropped our stuff off at the lockers, getting our lunches before making our way to the cafeteria. 

  “I wonder if Mr.Bell has always been such a self-absorbed idiot,” Wesley said as he opened the cafeteria door for me.

  “Probably,” I answered with a grin.

Wes wanted to sit with the baseball team that day. It was a little awkward since I was the only girl, but I had known most of the guys forever so it wasn’t too bad. The guys were nice enough and I understood the baseball talk since Wes has loved the sport since before he could talk. In sixth grade, it was all he talked about. Biology and Religion went by quick enough and before I knew it the final bell rang. At 3:30, Wes and I met Sarah by the baseball field. He had changed and was headed to practice. Sarah and I sat on the bottom bleacher and ate some vending machine food I had bought at lunch. Some girls in my grade were sitting at the top bleacher giggling and watching the boys practice. I guess those guys were our only jocks. I laughed at the thought of Wesley being a jock. 

  “What?” Sarah asked. I shook my head.

“Nothing. How was your day? Any homework?” I replied.

  “It was ok I guess. No homework, but lunch was weird. My friends talked about boys and complained about their hair the whole time.” Sarah told me. I felt bad for her. She, like me, had never been one to gush over boys or fret over her looks. She was gorgeous, but she really would rather read than put on makeup or flirt with a guy. It was one of the things we bonded over.

  “That sucks. The same thing happened to me in sixth grade. They think they’re all special because they are in middle school right? If I were you I’d find myself a Wesley to be friends with.” I said. She shrugged.

  “I guess. All the boys are just so immature and act weird around girls. You know? Like, I think since Wes grew up with you he skipped that awkward stage.” Sarah responded.

  “Yeah,” I said, out of advice to give her. I felt bad, but she was right. Wes had skipped that stage, and besides, there is only one Wesley Romane out there. We sat for a second and watched the guys practice. I heard the girls on the top bleacher talking now.

  “Wait for the catcher to take off his helmet. His name is Wesley. He’s so hot.” One of the girls said. I heard myself snort as I shoved a cheeto in my mouth. Just then, Wes began taking off his catchers gear. The girls all “oooh” ed and I rolled my eyes. I was used to it, but still, they could have been a little less obvious. Sarah heard them too and rolled her eyes toward me.

  “I swear, if one of them comes over here I gonna shove my shoe up someone’s a-” Sarah started, but she was cut off by a tap on her shoulder. We looked up to see one of the girls.

  “Hi! You’re Wesley’s sister right?” The girl asked. Sarah put on her best fake smile and nodded. I tried my best not to laugh, I didn’t want to further embarrass the poor girl.

  “Cool! I’m Samantha. I was wondering if you wanted to g-” The girl said. 

Sarah cut her off, “Look, Samantha was it, I don’t know exactly why you’re over here. I’m 11, and you’re what? 16?” Samantha nodded suspiciously. 

  “Listen, you must not know my brother very well if you think you can get to him through me. Many girls have tried and yet, he is still single as the day he was born. So please, save us both some time and fake smiles and go back to your seat.” Sarah continued. Samantha looked shocked.

  “My mom is the mayor. Do you know what that means?” Samantha said.

“I really don’t care who your mom is or what it means. And neither does my brother. So thank you for nothing and enjoy your day.” Sarah said before turning back to the practice. I was surprised and proud. Usually, Sarah just smiles and says he has a girlfriend or makes up some excuse as to why she can’t talk. My little girl was seriously growing up.

  “Dang Sarah! Where did that come from?” I asked once Samantha had gone back to her seat.

  “I’m just really tired of girls doing that. Plus, her little sister is in my grade and let me tell you, nothing good comes from that family.” Sarah told me. I chuckled. The rest of practice we listened to music on my phone. It was nice, spending time with Sarah again.

  The drive home was normal too. Sarah gave us a quick rundown of her day before we turned on some more Taylor Swift. We stopped at Izzie’s Ice Cream Parlor and got some strawberry ice cream- our favorite. When we got back home Sarah and Wes went to their houses. I took a shower and made some dinner at my house. Around 6:00 my mom came home and ate some dinner before doing some laundry. At 7:30 my dad came home and ate some dinner before heading to bed. Mom kissed me goodnight then headed upstairs herself. I watched some TV until 8:30 when I met Wesley at his trampoline. A while ago we had put blankets up around the sides and brought out some pillows and blankets. We looked at the stars and talked. 

  “Did Sarah tell you about lunch?” I asked Wesley.

“Not really. Why?” He asked, turning to his side to look at me. I did the same.

  “I don’t know, I just feel bad for her. You know? I ran out of advice to give her.” I told him. He shrugged a little and sighed. 

“She’ll be fine. Honestly, it’s probably good for her. She has been cooped up inside all summer. Maybe some boy talk will get her out with her friends.” Wesley proposed.

  “Maybe. I don’t know. It might scare her even further inside.” I countered.

“Maybe. But we can’t do anything about it so why worry.” Wesley decided. I didn’t like it, but I nodded anyway. He was right, as usual. It was silent for a moment as we looked back up at the sky. 

  “Sarah did tell me about what happened at practice though,” Wesley said with a grin. 

“Oh yeah? It was pretty funny. The girl was Samantha Whitener, you know, the mayor’s daughter. Sarah really kicked her off her high horse. You would’ve loved it.” I told him. Wesley laughed.

  “Samantha Whitener? We’ve known her forever, she should’ve just come to me. Going through Sarah really does nothing for a girl.” Wesley said. 

  “Yeah, that’s what Sarah told her,” I said. 

After an hour I went back home. I fell asleep watching The Office on the couch. It had been a normal day. I liked normal.

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