The Case of the Ringmaster

By @Naija_Njoku
The Case of the Ringmaster

Journalist, Giacomo De Marco, has a photographic memory. At his job (Assisi Weekly) he is told to write an article for the 20th anniversary for the Fabiano De Caro cold case. What will the town find out about this cold case?

Chapter 1

December 9th, 1994

“Quindi, suppongo che tu voglia chiedermi come ho scoperto?” I walk closer to the funhouse and eavesdrop on the two people talking. “So che il signor De Caro vuole prendere tutto il denaro per se stesso.” I recognize the voice as Nico Severini. He’s one of the twin acrobat acts we have at our circus. “No. Il signor De Caro non farebbe una cosa del genere!” I recognize that voice as Nico’s twin brother Rocco. Nico shakes his head “Sì, lo farebbe. L’ho sentito parlare al telefono.” Rocco furrows his eyebrows “Sei sicuro?” Nico nods “Sbaglio mai?” Rocco shakes his head “No, non lo sei.” Nico nods “Esattamente. Ecco perché stasera andrò nella sua tenda a parlare con lui.” Rocco nods “Okay, ma non fare nulla di cui ti pentirai.” Nico nods “Non lo farò. Se il signor De Caro lo nega, allora avrò maggiori problemi con lui.” I walk away and go around doing my inspection.

As I’m in the tent with all the elephants, I hear a gunshot in the distance. I run over to where I heard it and see Nico Severini running from the scene. I stop him “Hey! Cosa stai facendo!” Nico runs away, but I chase after him and tackle him down. Nico yells “Non l’ho fatto! Lo giuro!” I grab my walkie talkie and alert the other night guards to call 911. I hold Nico in custody until the authorities show up. The police take him away and they ask me questions. I tell them all that I heard and they also go to arrest Rocco. The authorities also take me into the police station to ask me extra questions about what happened. I answer them as honestly and as best I can. I get released and they send me home. I open the front door to my home and put everything away. I lay down on my bed and think ‘Why would someone murder Fabiano De Caro? Was Fabiano in debt to Nico and Rocco? What can all of this mean?’ I shrug and close my eyes and go to sleep.

2 Weeks Later

I’m at the courthouse and everyone in the courthouse is waiting to hear the answer of the jury. I take a deep breath and hope that the jury makes the right choice. The jury comes out of their room and one juror hands the slip of paper to the judge. The judge opens it and reads it aloud “Scopriamo che i due sospetti, Nico e Rocco Severini, sono colpevoli del crimine di omicidio e cospirazione di primo grado.” The judge bangs his gavel “Chiamo questa corte, sospesa.” We all celebrate the decision made.

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