The Calling

By @KocoaChipp

The Calling

By @KocoaChipp

An unexpected group of 5 have heard the Calling, and it is up to them to find a way to stop the Earth from dying. (Unfinished)

Chapter 1


“If anybody can hear this, you most likely won’t remember me. You were only infants. But I watched you grow up and seen your greatest accomplishments. I’ve also seen your greatest humiliations. You must know that you have received The Calling.

I have important duties. Like making sure the grass will forever stay emerald green, the sky will always be a beautiful pale blue reflecting the almost-clear sea. I make sure the mountains stand tall when the sun rises, and continues standing when it sinks. And that the moon and stars will always illuminate the light from the heavens. But above all, my most important responsibility is to make sure that Earth will always be a safe haven for all those who stand, died, and lived upon it.

But I am weakening.

I can feel my end coming.

It has been coming closer and closer, ever since humans have stepped foot on this land, gained knowledge and destroyed our peaceful world. Cutting down the trees, polluting the water causing sea animals to perish. They’ve raised such a brouhaha not even the dwarves could compete. A few of the creatures have now disappeared for fear of being taken and experimented on. And some plants wither while the seeds lay dormant in hopes that they will come back when your reign has ended, your kind extinct; like the dinosaurs. Most of the magical beings have left. Except me. If I dare leave my precious land, I won’t be able to take care of it. And if I can no longer accomplish or perform my tasks, I, fade away. I have sent this to everyone, searching, hoping, for at least one person capable of remembering this moment. One that has magic in their pure heart. I know that we, the magical beings, aren’t necessarily counted as real. But trust me, we are. You just have to know where to look. If anyone can hear this, quickly, save the Earth.Your planet, our home. You will see us again. In hopes that more than one person can hear this meet at the Tree of Light and Dark when the sun reaches its highest peak.

If someone, anyone, can hear, and remember this, I am Calling you…” The sky rumbled at the sound of these words and danced in the wind, spreading the word to every person, young and old. Somewhere through the mix of people, on Quinton St. five people have managed to hear. The first step of their new adventure

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