The Cabin (2017)

By @LectroNyx

The Cabin (2017)

By @LectroNyx

In the woods, there is a cabin that nobody dares visit. We all pretend to, but I’ve never met an honest man who truly set foot inside. We simply fear the truth. Many people, however, mistake it for something better or worse than what it really is.

Chapter 1

In the woods, there is a cabin that no life dares visit. We all pretend to, but I’ve never met an honest man who set foot inside. Its contents are a mystery, as there are no windows – only a door that is always closed. Everybody knows it’s there, though. We know it exists. Many people, however, mistake it for a grand mansion or a rotting cardboard box. Those who know of it will still struggle, however, to actually find it. Few ever do.

Out of curiosity, I chose to investigate. Everyone I could find claimed it was a very nice place. It supposedly contained beautiful bookshelves and cabinets, lined with quality tools and classical literature. They told me it was brightly lit, clean, well organized, and even had a pleasant, vanilla smell inside. Honestly, I was very excited – it felt good knowing that successfully locating this place would be so rewarding.

However, I needed help to get there. I reached out to friends and family, yet even total strangers were willing to help lend a hand. I was absolutely thrilled about this journey, eager to see its results. The ride took a while, but we eventually arrived.

I opened the door to be greeted with a faint smell of smoke and chlorine. There was only one room to this place, dimly lit by a flickering lightbulb long past its prime. The bookshelf was toppled, and its measly five books were scattered and tattered all over the place. Against the back wall was a rotting cupboard. In it, I found a dull knife, a dry pen, and a gutted radio. Even if the thing worked, it would only be able to tune in to a single station.

I looked around, away from the meager findings to discover that every wall held a broken mirror. The cabin’s floor was covered in shattered glass that had been cutting my bare feet as I wandered about, yet I had never even noticed. All I could think of was what happened to this place. A combination of time and exposure to our society had created this total mess. If the cabin had once been great, I would have never known.

I left the building, and smiled to everyone who had brought me there.

“It’s a lovely place,” I lied to the world before me, “It’s full of great things! It has all the tools and knowledge I could ever need — it’s exactly what I expected!”

As we drove away, I swore to myself that I would never visit the cabin again.

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