The Bunker

By @ChloeB

The Bunker

By @ChloeB

This is the story of a young girl in 8th grade whose aim is to become popular, but things don't go as planned...

Chapter 1

Before Everything Changed:

I rolled over on my bed while twiddling with the phone cord.

“C’mon Dionne. We have to go. They will never invite us to another party again” I pleaded through the phone.

“This is the worst idea that you’ve come up with, Ingrid. When have they ever been nice to you?” Dione questioned.

“I…I just want to see. What’s the worst that can happen?” I asked.

“Nope. It’s not happening. My mom won’t let me go anyways. Think of this as a sign. Do you really want to ruin your 8th grade year?” Dionne persisted.

“Ugh fine. I’ll catch you later, Dionne. Mom wants me to do the dishes. Bye!” I lied.


Dionne had been my best friend since elementary school. We did everything together and had just about everything in common from the sports we played to our actual qualities like being responsible and practical, but Dionne was a little more reserved and conforming. She always played by the rules no matter what while I liked to push the boundaries from time to time which is why we didn’t see eye-to-eye with the party idea. The coolest kids at my middle school were hosting a party at Abby Melville’s mansion, and of course, I wanted to go. Not only that, but Justin would be there with his dark brown curls and tall muscular build. I’d been in love with him since the sixth grade when he moved from Georgia. I had never seen such pure perfection until he arrived, but then Abby Melville and her little clique snatched him right before my eyes. I continued to ponder all of the possibilities that could happen that night, “Would he talk to me? Would he ask me on a date?” Anything could happen, and I was not about to give up my one shot at becoming a popular just because Dionne wanted to act like a giant roadblock in my path to popularity. I eagerly slipped into my brand new dark brown moccasin boots and sparkly turquoise dress that I got for my birthday and looked into the mirror. I was ready. All I needed to do was make it seem like I was asleep.

“Goodnight guys,” I shouted to my family members before quietly pushing the door shut. I then stuck a pillow under the sheets, turned the lights off, and creeped out my bedroom window. 

The Oklahoma autumn wind angrily smacked my face as I climbed down the flora covered trellis propped up along the side of my house. It was as if it was disappointed with my decisions, warning me to go back inside, but I ignored it. I leaped from the trellis into a small leaf pile and made a run for it. I ran until I reached the front of my neighborhood, where I was greeted by the gated community of Glindoor which towered over me like a European palace. My mouth dropped in awe as I blindly crossed the road. I small smile began to spread across my face until I heard a loud honk accompanied by flashing lights that warmed the side of my face. I jerked my head towards the light and saw a man waving to me from inside a polished navy blue Chevy Chevelle. He pulled his car up beside me and rolled down the window that fogged up as he stuck his head through it.

“Hello miss, why are you out so late? Did you need to get into Glindoor?” he asked.

I stumbled backward and looked him up and down. His copper-colored mustache was finely trimmed with the sides curled up as if he was friends with Gatsby. His round-rimmed glasses slumped down to his nose which brought my attention to his glistening green eyes that peered at me in wait for my response.

“Oh I-I, yes, I do,” I stuttered.

“Well, you know you can’t get in unless you have the code. Why don’t you hop in, and I can take you where you need to go,” he persuaded.

“Oh, really?” I questioned. I didn’t know any better. He seemed like a nice man; his car was nice, and it wasn’t a white van, plus he could drop me off at the party.

He stepped out and opened the door for me, and I brushed my dress under my thighs and slid into the backseat. After he closed the door, I looked forward and noticed a clear plexiglass screen separating the front seat from the back. I turned to the door and tried to open it to escape as I knew something was off, but the door wouldn’t budge. I banged on plexiglass screen with both fists to get his attention but he did not turn around. My heart began to race as I realized what I had done.

“LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT! HELP ME!” I screamed, but the road was dark and desolate without another person in sight. Tears began to roll down my face as I continued to cry for help and pounded on the windows. I hurriedly searched through the back seat to find something that I could break the window with, but there was nothing and soon a white gas shot through small holes in the ceiling of the car. My eyes started to droop, and I began to choke on my tears causing my cries to become muffled. I blinked twice and caught sight of a small pink teddy bear covered in mud and dust tucked under the seat, and then my eyes closed.

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