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The Boyfriend I Never Had~A Poem

By @Kittyqueen79

The Boyfriend I Never Had

The boyfriend I never had is the best person

I have ever met.

He is kind,

He is sweet,

He is perfect for me.

He is silly and loves me for me.


I never knew loving him was losing me instead.

I’ve lost myself with him,

And he felt real.

When the reality that he wasn’t real hit me…

I ignored him.

I had to save myself from drowning in my head.

I knew I’d never find someone like him, ever again.

But I couldn’t keep hurting myself like this.

I couldn’t love someone who wasn’t real,

I needed someone real to love me,

Someone who took me on dates,

Someone who called me in the middle of the night just to hear my voice

Someone who loved me.

But that was love that he couldn’t return.

And I never realized how lonely I felt…

So… so lonely.

So I picked myself up,

And started finding friends.

Real friends.

Friends that I could hug,

Friends that I could watch a scary movie with.

And after some time…

I forgot about him.

The boyfriend I never had.

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