The Boyfriend I Never Had~A Poem

By @Kittyqueen79
The Boyfriend I Never Had~A Poem

This is a ridiculous poem about a girl who desperately needs someone to love her... so much so that she makes up someone who will love her. Please read it, you might laugh, you might hate it. It would mean a lot to me if you commented your reaction to this ridiculous poem. Thanks :)

Chapter 1

The Boyfriend I Never Had

The boyfriend I never had is the best person

I have ever met.

He is kind,

He is sweet,

He is perfect for me.

He is silly and loves me for me.


I never knew loving him was losing me instead.

I’ve lost myself with him,

And he felt real.

When the reality that he wasn’t real hit me…

I ignored him.

I had to save myself from drowning in my head.

I knew I’d never find someone like him, ever again.

But I couldn’t keep hurting myself like this.

I couldn’t love someone who wasn’t real,

I needed someone real to love me,

Someone who took me on dates,

Someone who called me in the middle of the night just to hear my voice

Someone who loved me.

But that was love that he couldn’t return.

And I never realized how lonely I felt…

So… so lonely.

So I picked myself up,

And started finding friends.

Real friends.

Friends that I could hug,

Friends that I could watch a scary movie with.

And after some time…

I forgot about him.

The boyfriend I never had.

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  1. greek-geek

    This is so sweet! The poem kind of reminded me of imaginary friends. I know that seems cheesy (and has nothing to do with a dream guy), but when I was younger, imagining my little dragon helped me through a lot. Sure, I’ve pretty much forgotten about him; but sometimes I remember him when I can’t sleep, and how he made me laugh – even if he was in my head. Thanks for helping me remember my little fire-breather!

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    Reply 1 Reply May 5, 2020
    1. Kittyqueen79

      That is so cool! I never really had an imaginary friend when I was little, but this reminded me of when I lived in a different country and my family was serving at an orphanage. We would all play Barbies together in the girls house, but here is the catch: they would play without talking. They would make up their dialogue in their head or whisper it very, very quietly. Me and my sisters always thought that how they played was so weird. Idk how this came to mind when I read your comment, but it did 🙂 I think having a imaginary dragon friend is so cute!

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      Reply 0 Replies May 5, 2020

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