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The Boy Who Almost Died, but changed his mind for love

By @rp052089

The good or best day, I had

This is the story of my life. My Name is Grayson Smith, well here it goes. Ugg, today my parent was yelling at me like usual and telling me i am worthless, my sibling thinks that I don’t exist, and the girl I like is dating the jock of High School, I can’t stand being that person that no one cares about because I am….scared.

I am writing letters to my family telling them that it was there fault I died because they never helped me and told me I was a good person, and even encouraged me to do good, they just didn’t care at all one bit! He is doing that because he wants to die.

Every day he writes his parent’s letter and his siblings. When he gets to school he meets up with his best friends, in his head he doesn’t know who likes him anymore, or how to like because he just doesn’t feel it anymore

His crush Rose Anderson realized something was wrong too, but she didn’t know what to do, so she did what she thought was best and went to talk to him.

“Um…Grayson are you okay, I have noticed for a couple of days that something is wrong and I have noticed, you don’t have to tell me what….”

But before she could say no more he told her and she listened and listened

“Okay so that last few….NO let say the last few years of my life, my dang parents have decided to yell at me every single day because I am not the son they wanted, but they can’t get rid of me because am there legal son and that will just look bad, my sibling don’t think I exist anymore and they are going along with mom and dad. And last……”

” You can tell me I won’t judge, make fun, or laugh”

“And last you are dating the Jock, and I want you bad”

“you mean Jimmy”

“um yes”

“Jimmy and I broke up last week”

That kind of made Grayson feel better, but not all the way because he still didn’t have her, and his parents and sibling still didn’t care about him!

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