The Boy

By @wolfichi
The Boy

(y/n) found her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, but when a new boy comes she can tell something is going to happen. Get ready for a love filled book between a reader! and a killer known as blake!

Chapter 1

Chapter one

Hi everyone! My name is wolfichi and I just wanted to let you know that my book has you as the main character so when you see this “(y/n)” it means your name.

hope you like it!!

you was walking down from her bus stop, it was raining but you did not mind after all rain was when you met your boyfriend alex, a smile crept to your face as you walked, no matter how many times you came to St. Mark you were always happy to see Alex.

Taking a step inside the school you see her best friend Mary talking with Alex, you run over but stops shortly after seeing Alex and mary kiss, what was going on?

“umm, Alex? Mary?” you say, your voice sounded odd.

They both turned around, Alex’s Black hair was a mess and Mary’s blond hair was straight, there blue eyes landing on yours and you backed away from them feeling uneasy.

“why did you kiss Mary, Alex?” You ask,

“I… I-I Like her (y/n),” Alex says,

“what?” you ask,

“I like her, a lot,” Alex says.

Mary looks away from you as you back away, how long was he cheating for? looking at Mary you could tell a while, your eyes flashed over to Alex as his black hair fell over her eyes, his lips we pressed tight like he always does when he is nervous.

“you cheated on me!” You yell out,

“(y/n)… I-” Alex begins,

“Zip it!” you sneer.

Alex closes his mouth and looks at mary who is pressed up on the wall, you turn around, tears threatening to fall if you don’t leave soon, You walk away and go to your locker, Opening it you take are the pictures of you and Alex together, you never wanted to see his face again after what he has done to you.

putting you bag away and taking your books for class you feel a tap on your shoulder, turing around you are greeted by black eyes, you smile.

“Hey Jessie,” you say,

“Hey! How are you?” Jessie asks,

“Alex cheated on me, can you guess with who?” you ask,


“Yep!” You say, “Mary has changed over the years and somehow she has become the schools wanna be girl,”

“no kidding (y/n), if anything you should have seen this coming,”

“I know I should have but I trusted Alex with my heart,”

“look where that got you,”

“shut up Jessie!”


Jessie and You start to laugh but soon the bell rings, Waving goodbye to Jessie you walk into your homeroom, you see Mary and Alex sitting together and it makes you sick.

You look around a find a seat and sit down away from them not daring to look at them, you could feel there eyes on you but you keep looking straight, Just than someone new walks in just as the bell rings.

“Your lucky,” Mr. Prov says,

“Sorry Sir I just came, We got stuck in traffic,” He says,

“Alright… Take a seat next to (y/n),” Mr. Prov says.

Mr. Prov points at the empty seat beside you, The boy make a small Nod and walks over as he gives you a smile, he had nice black hair and sea blue eyes, his smile was bright and clean and he some freckles around his cheeks, every time he smiled they would move up.

“Hi (y/n) my name is Blake,” He says,

“Nice to meet you Blake,” You say.

You could feel the glare from Alex’s eyes but you did not care, you could feel that Blake was going to be your new friend somehow and that made your hope rise.

Blake gave you one more smile before looking at the front, The teacher was giving a lesson on how the human brain works and how it makes you feel things, you look over to see Alex smiling at Mary and anger bubbled deep down but you kept that anger hidden and sadness show.

“you ok?” Blake asks,

“My boyfriend cheated on me,” You reply,


“I have no idea, I thought he loved me but I was wrong,” you say.

Blake looked away from you and Turned around his eyes scanning the room, “what does he look like?” he asks,

“Black hair, blue eyes and tight lips,” you say.

Blake keeps looking until his eyes rest on Alex kissing Mary, you can’t help but watch in pain as they pull apart with a smile on there lips.

“I need t-to go,” you say.

you get up and run out of the room without asking the teacher, pain was everywhere in your mind and body wanting to escape through tears, You hold your breath as you press your body up on the wall in front of you classroom you could see the teacher sending someone out.

“you ok?” Blake asks,

“No, he cheated on me! how could I be ok when he did that?!” you rasp out through tears as they fall.

Blake stands there as he watches you cry and hold your face in your hand showing no signs of stopping just yet, after about Ten Minutes you calm down and look over to see Blake pressed up on the wall looking down at his feet while you were crying.

“You wanna go for a walk?” Blake asks,

“ya sure… I guess,” You mumble.

After going for a walk and clearing your mind from the scene that took place in your class the bell rings and you walk to your locker with Blake, he gives you a short good bye and leaves going to his next class.

“How are you holding up?” someone asks.

you turn around and see Mary giving you a wide smirk.

“What do you want!” you yell slamming your locker,

“To let you know that Alex is mine! I won him over and you lost can’t handle it can you?”

“I don’t need your fake pity for me, leave me alone Mary,”

“The Blake boy seems to take a liking to you huh? he is kinda hot too, those blue eyes,”

“Leave him alone!”

“Hmm, No,”

“Leave (y/n) alone or else!” someone says.

Mary spins fear showing in her eyes as she is face to face with Blake and she can’t but let out a yelp of fear as he walks over to her, his legs stride like he is a king and stops putting his arm around you.

“Touch her, speak to her, or even look at her I will hurt you!” He yells.

Mary backs away trying to come up with a lie, but her mouth only stays closed, soon than Alex comes into view and looks at Mary and than At Blake and you.

“what did you do to her!” Alex yells,

“What we did! look at (y/n)!” Blake yells back,

“She fakes everything! I don’t see why you would want to be friends with (y/n) Mary and me are way better than some fake person who said I never loved you on text!” Alex says.

you take a step back your breathing becomes faster as you look at Alex and than at Mary, they were lying… they wanted to keep you alone.

Than you feel Blake pull you into a hug, he than spins around and punches Alex right in the face, Alex falls down holding his know broken nose as he groans in pain, Blake turns to Mary who screams in fear, you just watch as Blake punches her in the gut making her fall down next to alex.

“Let’s go,” Blake says.

you nod and let blake take you away, you could feel eyes on you as Blake walks away with you but you don’t dare look back.

“If they hurt you again they are getting something worse ,” Blake mumbles,

“what?” You ask,

“don’t worry, you will be fine just don’t leave my side ok?”

“ok…” you say.

What you did not know is that Blake had plans for tonight with a boy known as… Alex…

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