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The Box

By @Marcia

It had to be done. There was no turning back now that she said she’d do it. And a promise was a promise, right? She grabbed her keys and the small engraved box and left the house heading towards the woods.

The sun was about to set and a cold breeze sent shivers down her spine. It was no better in the silent woods where each leave crackled as she walked by. 

Night came and with it the cold. She’d forgotten to bring a warmer jacket but increased her pace in order to stay warm until she got to her destination. Glancing at the old, small box she thought about what was inside and cringed. “Why choose me?” she thought, “Why not send Melinda? She is braver than me…”

Finally, she arrived at a clearing where a small old house stood. The wind whistled and a wolf howled in the distance. By now the girl was terrified but there was nothing she could do but carry on with her task. Tightly grasping the box in her hands she pushed open the house’s door and entered. She placed it on a table nearby and opened it… 

It had to be done.

A month later the search continued but there were still no signs of the girl. Only a strange box was found on the path behind her house.

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