The Bluejay and the Dragon

By @PeculiarSpecimen_123

The Bluejay and the Dragon

By @PeculiarSpecimen_123

A tale of a young girl who finds something very special indeed, a tale of a merciless Dark Dragon, and a tale of destiny and hope.

Chapter 1


A new tale is needed in these dark times. A tale of hope, of love, of unity. We are broken, and we need a story to bind us together. The Dark Dragon has reigned strong over us for too many years, and our light is fading fast. But there is a new light on the horizon. Her name is Bluejay.

This tale begins Before, in the very beginnings of the World. A forest unlike anything ever born before was forming, and the Creators were very proud of its beauty. They sent a small piece of magic to this forest, where it sailed through the sky and darted through the trees before settling in a spring flowing cool and clear. The forest rose up to guard its magical waters ad protect them from the horrors of the newborn world. Many times was the forest burnt to the ground, but still the spring flowed bright and true like sapphires. When people came to the forest, they found the spring and revered it for many years. But as their camps grew to villages and their villages grew into towns, the great powers of the legendary spring were lost in the murk of time, resigned to a single dusty history book in the vaults of a library. The people of the towns lived in ignorance of the spring and its power, until a girl named Lavender was born. 

Lavender Esther Sullivan was born to Rose and Thomas, a seamstress and a baker. As the fourth of seven children, Lavender grew up quiet and unnoticed. She spent all her time tucked away between the covers of a book, lost in the epic tales of days gone by. Lavender lost herself in the long, spinning rows of books in the library, away from the rest of reality. Although she knew all there was to know about history, she lived in blissful unawareness of the dire situation her town was in. You see, for the longest time, the people of the World had been watched over by great, benevolent dragons. The dragons guarded people from darkness and horror, standing strong over towns and cities. But the dragon guarding this town had fallen to the darkness. He became corrupted, a great roiling mass of malicious energy. The town lived in constant fear of the Dark Dragon, and had long since given up all hope of ever escaping his wrath. But that was all about to change. One fateful day, quite an ordinary one despite its weight in the grand scheme of things, Lavender was making her way to the library. There she finds a book. This book is thick with dust from years of abandonment on a shelf, but the embossed gold letters still shine clear on the cover. “ The World Before”. She takes it home and opens the cover. And here is where our tale begins.

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