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The Blue Butterfly

By @SeaPups


“Mom! dad!” I yelled happily looking at all the presents under the tree. I was only nine… it was Christmas… I was so happy…

Then I saw the men in the window he grinned creepily at me before the smell of fire filled the air….

“Blu run outside and wait for us near the big oak tree in the yard!” My dad yelled. That was the last time I heard his voice…

I ran outside and before the door closed I heard my mom half yell “I love you sweetie!” Then the whole house brushed into flames and the door was blocked by fallen wood…

“Mom! Dad! Nooooo!” I yelled running towards the house, but something stopped me… 

I ran to the oak tree and waited my house and my only family burn to the ground… 

The smoke started making me cough and it got really bad, I blacked out…

Then next thing I knew I was in a cage surrounded by nekos, wolf hybrids, and other humans?

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