The Blinding Light

By @Lynny9162
The Blinding Light

Anya is about as normal as a teenage spy can get. One night at a dinner party/ negotiation meeting, all four of the glasses of her spy unit are poisoned, and one of the only people she has ever cared about, Her boyfriend Ryder ends up drinking it. Anya’s entire world is rocked, and nothing will ever be the same again

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

As soon as he took a sip I realized it was poison. And that I’d probably made the biggest mistake of my life. Ryder slunk out of the chair instantly. His eyes looked so wide that I thought they would pop out of his head.

“Anya” he called me, his voice shaky, I kneeled beside him, my dark blue evening gown getting in my way

“Anya you have to leave now” he somehow got out of him

This was a mistake. I thought panicking inside of my head

“I won’t leave you.” I said to him, clutching to his hand. I looked around the room and everyone was gone, only me and Ryder.

A beam of light started to pulse through him, and his pain looked even clearer to me

“Anya you have to run! Now!” Ryder screamed at me. The beam of light was enveloping him like a tornado now. A figure in red came into the double doors, and pulled me away from Ryder and out into the cold night air. The last image I saw of him was him in agony, before the blinding light took hold of him.

“Anya are you crazy!” Silena screamed at me. I could barely hear her, all that was in my mind was Ryder. I looked in through the windows trying to find him, but all I could see was the blinding light. I could barely talk or see, and i knew that if I tried to talk I would be sobbing.

“It was my fault.” I said to Silena. My voice was starting“I never should have brought us here, and if I never brought us to this stupid Dinner, Ryder wouldn’t be in there being consumed by some stupid light!” I looked back at the house and at the right windows. All I could see now was black that matched the rest of the house.

“It was not your fault” Silena said. “You know we were assigned to go here and infiltrate. This wasn’t your fault.” She looked to the window cautiously as if evaluating a dangerous situation.

“That is not poison, that was a potion and whoever gave it to him probably put it into our cups too. Providing the victim survives, they are granted with an ability. Only those who are strong enough can survive, and well lets hope Ryder is strong enough to overcome whatever that light is doing to him in there. My mind started to race to the inside of the house.

“I have to go back in, I think whatever that poison did to him is over.” Silena gave me a hard glare and nodded back to me. I pulled the small dagger out from my pocket built into my dress, and I stared at the dark blue stones that were on the handle, the ones that matched my necklace and my dress. Silena grabbed her pistol out and slowly loaded it. Her brown hair was starting to come out of its bun, and her green eyes were reflecting the light of the street light. I opened the door slowly. The darkness only partially showed the destruction. There were paintings that had fallen and broken on the floor, marble busts that had fallen to the floor and smashed. The walls were crashed in and there was an overwhelming quiet and creepy feeling that had taken over the house. The house was like one of those creepy houses that would be on those ghost shows, old, almost with a Victorian era feel.

We entered the next room and all I could see was Ryder laying on his side on the ground, his arm covering his face. I raced over to him, and i had no clue what to do, so I did what pretty much every book and movie character ever does in this kind of situation. I checked for a pulse, And I was able to feel a slow steady heartbeat.

“He’s unconscious,” I called to Silena, “But he’s alive.” I knew it was not the time, but i silently thanked god for protecting Ryder. Silena on the other hand was busy, reaching into her pocket for her cell phone to call for backup. A voice stopped her. “I already did.” A voice called out. A boy walked in and I recognized him quickly. “Gabriel.” Silena called, kissing him softly in greeting. His jacket was off and he was just in his dress shirt. Typical Gabriel. I thought to myself. He hated dressing up and doing dinner parties and normally he was fashionably late, getting there in time for desert and after dinner business talks, which totaled to four hours already and with a meal that lasted for two hours, Dinner parties totaled to a long night.

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