The Blame Game

By @RebeccaLee

Chapter 1

Let’s play the blame game!

They all scream and jeer

Let’s find the person with nothing to fear!

The person who has done nothing wrong

Who sits alone doing homework all day long 

The person who always tries so hard to kind

This person will be easy to find

She’s the girl who holes herself up in her room

Always alone and never with you

Feel that burning feeling your gut?

The anger when she doesn’t text or call?

Your angry toward her is unjustified

She’s busy and tired and is barely getting by

Let’s attack her and make her feel like ****

I can’t find anyone else to blame, so you’re it

It’s your turn to feel the pain

To feel lost and alone and afraid

I only need someone to blame

Because I certainly don’t make mistakes

You’re responsible for everything going wrong in my life

So I’ll spread rumors and cause strife

Once all is said and through 

Once I’ve thoroughly destroyed you

I’ll watch your burn and eat a snack

And pat myself on the back

This caused no stress for me

When I can see you’re ready to break

I’ll wrap you in a hug and tell you it’s all ok

This is the manifesto of the freak

Who can’t take responsibility for their own mistakes

It’s not you’re fault I’m this way

I learned from the best and now I’ll continue on my way

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