The Black Diadem

By @samuelleleo

The Black Diadem

By @samuelleleo

Nigellus Rastaban was seen as a cruel man to the human race of Ladon. His daughter Alita, definitely thinks that much, when he sent her away to Mount Elven, the city of elves, to become an apprentice. Despite the elves notoriety for their unjust treatment against humans, Nigellus didn't care. He has seen the wild pain and unmistakable grief in his daughter's eyes and only wanted her to learn what only the elves could teach. It was the truth of who she is that she learned instead.

Chapter 1


After six months of hiding in the shadows of her wretched prison cell, the woman with eyes like molten silver knew that her time was coming to an end. Even the constant plop of dripping water from the cracked ceiling seemed to pause as if reminding her of her already borrowed time.

Glancing down at the soft bundle in her arms, she holds the sob that tried to escape from her quivering mouth.

The shadows can hide me no longer.

With a deep breath, she memorised all the details she could find: the wilted stacks of hay that kept her warm at night, the rusted basin filled with rainwater that washed away all the blood and vomit on certain days, the walls filled with carved figures that kept her company, the thick and impenetrable ironwood that she liked to pretend to be anything but her demise and of course, the pair of peculiar eyes that blinked owlishly at her from the bundle in her arms.

She hugged the babe a little closer to her chest, and with a soft kiss on the forehead, she murmured. “You will save us all, my child.”

It was the last thing she remembered before the shadows took her away.

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