The Big Mistake

By @Brayden_1

The Big Mistake

By @Brayden_1

This is the first writing I shared in front of people

Chapter 1

It was Summer time, I was 9 years old. Me and my brother got bored, so we went outside. We had our BB guns and BB’s to shoot birds.

After about 2 birds killed and about 2 hours outside we couldn’t see no more birds, Just when me and my brother was about to go inside my brother spotted a bird in the neighbors yard. We were young so he shot at the bird, and unfortunately he missed. Right after he missed the bird we went inside to eat dinner.

Right when we started to eat I heard a knock at the door. “Bang, Bang,Bang”, I went to go answer it, and when I opened the door I saw a cop. I was thinking “that the neighbors got in trouble and they wanted us to answer questions about them.” Man was I wrong apparently the neighbors called the cops on me and my brother for shooting at their dog. After about 30 minutes to an hour we explained that we were shooting at birds, and not at the dog. We had to explain that we saw a bird in their tree and we wanted to shoot it. 

After the cop left the house after about an hour. My dad yelled at me and my brother, he told us that we need to be smarter than that and that we need to go to the neighbors house and apologize. When we got back from apologizing we finished our dinner and went to sleep because we were now grounded for a month.

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