The Balcony

By @Shadowknight9

Chapter 1

           A girl stands alone on a lone balcony, thinking of all that had happened.

           Am I not pretty? Am I fat? Am I just not likeable? Why did he leave? Why? Why? She thought all alone on that balcony, that balcony of tears and crushed dreams. The girl wanted nothing more than to just stop existing or rewind the clock to better days. Neither would accomplish anything, but she didn’t care. Anything, whether it helped her or not, was a whole lot better than the nightmare she found herself in now. Before she knew it, the girl was crying again, loud enough for the world to hear, but no one was there to listen.

           Suddenly, a hand clasped her shoulder, and a voice emerged from the mist around her, “Don’t cry, girl, because we think you’re beautiful just the way you are.” The girl turned, but there was no one there.

           “Who’s ‘we?’” she asked the mysterious person in the mist, the tears falling slower and slower from her eyes, “And how can you know I’m beautiful if you can’t even see me?”

           “We are your friends,” a harmony of voices answered out of the mist, “And you’re right, we can’t know if you’re beautiful in appearance, but with your words, we have seen that you are beautiful beyond measure in your heart.” The tears ran more freely once more as the girl turned away from the voices.

           “But why else would he leave? Obviously I’m lacking in something and not beautiful,” the girl said before sobbing even louder. A hand gripped her shoulder firmly and turned her back toward the mist. This time there was a mirror, but still no one else was there.

           “Stop and look at yourself,” the first voice speaks alone again, “I cannot see this image, but I imagine that it’s beautiful, because that’s what you have shown me.” But the girl still refused to believe it with her eyes.

           My hair, it’s too flat and drab. My face is horrendous beyond belief. I can’t be beautiful. I just can’t be! The girl continued to think.

           The harmony of voices once again sang out, but this time it was with loud thunderous voices, shouting, “STOP.”

           The first voice emerged from the echo of the shout to comfort the now frightened girl, “You must stop this ridiculous refusal of who you are. Now get up and go, go on with your life. I may not know what your face looks like, but I believe beauty is not something to be found in a pretty face. The man who looks there for beauty is not worth the time of day.” The girl was now paying attention to what the voices were telling her on her balcony, a balcony of hope of the moment and hope to be.

           The other voices joined in once more and added, “If a man cannot see you for who you are, then he is blind to the true beauty that lies within you. For you have been wonderfully made to be you, by someone who cares about you.”

           “Quit with the lies and leave behind he who left you. After all, what can he do? Nothing. And one day, another one will come alongside and join you on your balcony. A man who sees you as you just as your Creator does, beautiful and amazing where it counts the most.”

           “Embrace your inner beauty,” was the last thing the voices said to her on that day. The girl dried up her tears then and returned to her thoughts, but this time, they were full of truth and joy, an endless joy that never vanished, that was free of the lies holding her back.

           And one day, a man did appear next to her. They talked some, laughing together and even weeping together. As the years passed, the girl grew to be a woman, remembering all the things the voices had once told her and keeping the joy they had given her. And seeing her joy and beauty, her true beauty, the man stayed with the now woman on her balcony, a balcony of beauty and joy.

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