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The Bad Guy’s Side

By @Nanashi

Chapter 5

I wake up to the smell of eggs, so I pull myself up and crack my stiff neck.

“Smells good. What’re you making?” I ask, standing up.

“Normal eggs. Emily’s at work, so I made breakfast today,” Jack responds, so I nod.

“Thanks. Where’re the plates?” I ask, trying to be helpful and set the table.

“I got it. Just sit at the table,” he told me. I do as instructed, then wonder how long I should stay here, so that I can make it last as long as possible, but not have incident. Jack doesn’t trust me, which I understand, but it still will be a problem, because if we get into a fight, and he becomes aggressive at all, it won’t end well for him, then I’ll have to leave and I’ll feel bad because I actually knew him and liked his sister, who’ll want me in prison for killing Jack, which will ultimately lead to a death sentence because I’m a serial killer, much as I hate the fact. We eat in silence, then Jack goes to his room. I sit back down on the couch, falling asleep for the third time.

This time, I wake up at eleven, then get up to use the restroom. After that, I go back to the living room and sit back down. Jack comes in, sitting next to me. Not directly, about a foot away from me, but still next to me. I’d started the show over that I had put on last night, but Jack took the remote and switched the show off.

“That has a horrible acting, obvious plot twists, and nothing interesting about it. This is a show I like, called Sword Art Online,” he says, changing it to an anime.

“It’s got good plot, character development, action, and romance,” he says, then adds, “For an anime, which means the plot is dark, character development is really good, and the romance consists of ********

I try not to laugh at the last part, but watch. I’ve watched some anime before, but not this one, which I find a lot better than the ones I’ve watched. An hour later, Jack stops the show for lunch.

“Alright, there’s lunchmeat and cheese in the fridge, and I’ll get the bread out,” he says, so I get the food out of the fridge.

“Colby Jack or Cheddar?” I ask, so Jack tells me to get the first one.

We continue watching the anime during lunch, but I pause it to ask Jack a question.

“What time does Emily get home?” I ask, but Jack looks at me weird.

“Why? It’s not like it should matter to you,” he says, taking another bite out of his sandwich.

“I was just wondering, since you aren’t exactly friendly to me, but she is,” I said defensively, but Jack only rolled his eyes. Clearly, he still didn’t trust me.

“She gets offa work at six, but it takes her about fifteen minutes to get from there to here,” he answers, then turns the show back on.

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