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The Bad Guy’s Side

By @Nanashi

Chapter 4

When I wake up, the girl’s leaning over me, and she pulls back her arm, which must have been shaking me to wake me up.

“Hey! You’re awake now! You’ve been sleeping for a few hours at this point, so I figured I’d wake you up to see if you wanted any food.”

That magical word snaps me out of my haze, like when you’re awake but you’re actually sleeping, even if you’re still talking and moving around like a normal person, other than the fact that you’re incapable of running or making sentences with more than five syllables.

“Huh?” I say, getting up and yawning.

“I made some dinner, and figured you’d like some,” The girl says, smiling and I smile back, trying not to seem too enthusiastic about the idea of a meal.

“That sounds amazing,” I say, and she tells me to sit down at the table so she can get some dishes and serve the food, so I go over to the table and sit diagonal of the boy. Dinner is this amazing pizza lasagna thing, and even though I get full after the first plate, I get more. It’s so good to have something to eat besides the occasional granola bar. The boy looks at me weird when I ask for seconds, and I shrug.

“What? I don’t get good food very often,” I say, and he starts laughing.

“You think my sister’s food is good? Have you ever heard of lasagna pizza, then? ‘Cause that’s what we’re eating right now,” he says and I shrug again. “Just because something’s new doesn’t mean it tastes bad.”

After dinner, The girl introduces herself. “I’m Emily, and this is my brother, as I’m sure you know.”

I nod, and the boy tucks his head slightly, suddenly shy. “I’m Jack,” he says, and I realize that I should probably introduce myself.

I struggle for a name, then figure something out. “My name’s Sather,” I say, remembering one of my sister’s friends names. He was a nice guy, not too quiet, not too loud, and was pretty nerdy.

Emily smiles, and says, “All right, now that we know each other, how about a game?”

I shrug, but Jack looks hesitant.

“Since no one objected, how about Uno?” Emily asks, so I shrug again in response.

“Sure. I’ve played that before,” I say, and Jack gives in, shrugging.

“Why not?” he said, then got the card game out from his room.

We played a few games of that, but then it was eleven o’clock.

“Alright, I’m going to bed, because I’ve got work tomorrow,” Emily said, standing up.

“Could you lock the house up, Jack? And would you please get an air mattress out for Sather?” she asked, walking towards the hallway.

“I can just sleep on the couch,” I offer, and Emily shrugs.

“Suit yourself,” she said, leaving to her room.

Jack got up, locked the door, then started picking up the cards.

“Need help?” I asked, but Jack just shook his head.

“Alright. Is it fine if I watch movies on the T.V.?” I ask, but Jack only shrugs.

“Sure,” he said, then added, “We’ve got Disney+ and Netflix, so don’t go onto anything else.” I nod, then sit down on the couch to figure out what I want to watch.

Eventually, after Jack goes to bed, I find a show on Netflix, but pass out a few minutes into it.

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