The Attack

By @Zaina

Chapter 1


Windows were opening and closing with the rush of wind during the midnight storm. A crazy night it was for it was the night that forever changed my life. I didn’t know it then. I was just an ordinary teenage girl in my room doing what any other teenager would do in the middle of a storm. I was listening to music and totally lost in my new painting. Suddenly, I heard my sister crying in the living room. I ran out there and was shocked by the horrifying scene of my family tied up to the huge table in the room, my mom shouting, my sister crying, my dad trying to break free, and a strange man pointing a gun at them. My heart stopped and I almost fainted but I had to be brave. Mom gestured for me to run but I didn’t. I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t leave them there but I couldn’t attack the man either. After all, he has a gun. The man stared at me with his icy blue eyes, almost burning me with his stare. Dad shouted, “don’t hurt her! ” I had to be quick. “no it is okay, come on what’s your name?” I said, trying to stay strong. He lowered his gun and looked confused. I knew what I had to do and felt a light bulb turning on in my brain. I felt that maybe he has some type of motive. Maybe I could talk him out of this. I gestured for him to come in to the kitchen for a cup of tea. “Why are you being so nice? You know I have a gun, right? “asked the man. I explained that I reckoned that nobody deserves to be treated with disrespect or feel like they are inferior to someone. This was the beginning of my career. A pretty wierd career to be exact. I actually talk to criminals about their life and help them realise that not everything is about violence or avenging someone’s death.

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