The Atrocious Immoralities of Avis Papley

By @brynnecaela

The Atrocious Immoralities of Avis Papley

By @brynnecaela

[I’m currently working on this novel, way ahead of these chapters.] Avis Papley is a young woman graced with special abilities who has to navigate life in Europe during the Caroline era, with witch trials, religious and political conflict,

Chapter 6

Chapter IV

8 weeks later

Avis watched Charles walk out of the adoption center for the first and the last time. She was 3 years younger than him, and still an orphan. She often imagined herself growing old in that adoption center, never to see the world. This was a dreadful thought, but she believed it to be possible. Maybe even plausible.

Knowing that she would never see Charles again was unpleasant. The only person at the orphanage even mildly close to a friend. She would miss seeing his smiling face, his unknowing and innocent brightness. 

Without Charles around, she didn’t talk to anyone. After all, there wasn’t anything to talk about. Avis would mindlessly play with wooden blocks designed for children much younger than her. Other children watched her, some intimidated by her solemn nature.

Avis spoke almost no words for twelve more years. Then, she left.

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