The Atrocious Immoralities of Avis Papley

By @brynnecaela

The Atrocious Immoralities of Avis Papley

By @brynnecaela

[I’m currently working on this novel, way ahead of these chapters.] Avis Papley is a young woman graced with special abilities who has to navigate life in Europe during the Caroline era, with witch trials, religious and political conflict,

Chapter 4

Chapter II

At the front desk, an excited young girl hugged a short woman’s leg. The woman laughed as the girl squeezed her thigh, burying her face into the woman. Merdana, the owner of the orphanage, grinned as the new family strolled out of the door.

The day that Avis was accepted, she was 6 months old. She always loved Merdana, the friendliest woman she had met. Not only did she run the orphanage, but she was a housemaid for King James I.

When Merdana met the king, she was a merchant. The king often bought produce from her, trusting her quality. When she told him she was going to open an orphanage, he offered to help fund it for her if she helped him. So Merdana became a housemaid for him and opened the orphanage, and he brought some of his kids there to give them the attention they needed that the King could not provide. Later, the King offered that she could take care of his children all the time and resign as a housekeep. She did so, and continued to build a strong relationship with the King.

She kept to herself, sometimes too much, for everyone knew she was in love with the King. But to no avail, as she knew the chances of a King marrying someone of peasant blood is incredibly slim. However, she supported his marriage to Queen Anne, and went to the ceremony.

As Avis watched her, she noticed her tired and knowing eyes and gentle hands.

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