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The Art of Thanatos

By @SydneyLacroix

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Author’s Note

Dedication & Quotes

Wickeder than Wicked


Blue Fire

The Shadow Bird Trilogy

The Witch’s Son

The Cruel Life

The Summer of Forgotten Shells

Run & Hide (Blood & Bone)

The Death of a Sleepless Boy

Bad Girl, Bad Girl

Same Love

Just Clowning Around

The Girl & the Grim


The Haunted Forest

Sour Apple

Set the World on Fire


Different is Bad

Just Like the Rest of Us

The Monster Man

The Twisted Trilogy

The Golden Kingdom

The Kids From Yesterday

Blood Red


The Most Unhappy Day

A Dragon’s Wail

The Death of a Rocker

The Lonely Cat & Rainy Fish

In My Head

The Red Piano

Good Morning to Raven Creek

I Just Need To Lay Down For A Minute

The Graveyard Days

The Infinite Girl

The Monsterous

Helena, You’re Dead & You Know It

Names Are Just Words

Loyalty & Mischief

Paper Plane


The After of Him

When Bluebirds Fly

Mind Sickness

Can You Hear Me?


The Ghost

I Don’t Love You

A Smile Made For War


Boy Everlasting

Fast Falling


The Lighthouse

What Would You Do

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