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The Angle and the Demon

By @Greekmythololgyfan

Chapter 1

“Ah, yeah! I beat you!!!” Damon yelled for what had to be the millionth time.

“Again?!! How do you always beat me?!!” said Chris in surprise and exasperation.

“Because I’m better than you. Obviously,” Damon replied with the smirk of an over-confident winner.

“Dinner!!” Chris’s sister yelled.

“On the way!” he yelled back as the boys ran towards the house.

“Wow. I even beat you in getting into the house,” Damon teased, pretending that he didn’t even need to catch his breath, just to add insult to injury.

“Something’s doesn’t fell right. Do you agree Damon?”

“Not normal for here, no. But I’ve felt this before,” his friend responded. Chris was an angel, and Damon was a demon. They could feel auras of certain things, such as other angels or demons, or God, Christ, or Lucifer.

“You think its safe?” Chris asked worriedly.

“Probably not. I know who it is, but not why he’s here,” Damon answered.

“Which one is it? If it’s not safe , then we should go in shouldn’t we? That is obviously the right thing to do.”

“My dad. I can’t leave, but you and Marcy should,” Damon said, suddenly serious about his friends’ safety.

“Marcy can go. I’m sticking with you,” Chris told him, just as serious.

“No. You know what’ll happen if he finds out that I’m friends with you. Nothing good will come of that. For anyone,” he argued.

“I’m not leaving no matter what you do,” his friend said, undeterred.

“Yes. You will. You need to leave unless you want to become a demon, and you want me to die,” Damon fought. Marcy didn’t pay attention to them because she was used to it, and assumed they just liked to play a game between them all the time. She didn’t interfere with there “fun,” so if one of them said come with me before you die, she went with them.

“Then you might die. Fine. Marcy, mom, come with me.”

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