The Angel in The Darkness

By @The-Introvert-Geek
The Angel in The Darkness

Leah Jane Tomsson, is a rich but mindful 13 year old. One Incident, one day and one choice is all she can recall. When all her lights fuse, she is left in the darkness. Now all she craves is death and she will go to extreme limits to get what she wants. Until she meets the one who teaches her what it is to live. Too deep in a mess, she is surrounded by gloominess, and its upto her to retrieve her life or do as she craves.

Chapter 1

Summer Break

These days seem to pass by in a flash. It felt like I’d been sitting on the edge of my springy mattress for about a minute when I’m fast forwarded to the next day. All my friends had been hanging out every day, while I’d been doing nothing. “Leah, dinner!! Come on down.” My mom interrupted. I jumped off the bed, onto the perfectly placed mat. I further stepped into my fluffy unicorn slippers and went down the stairs. At the end of the staircase, a black and white, flabby cat blocked my way. “Pinto, move.” I screeched at the top of my lungs. The Shorthaired cat stuck there, he never paid any attention to me anymore. “Leah, calm down. That’s not a way to treat your pet. See, this is how it’s done.” “Pinto, dearie move please. I’m gonna give you treats. Come on, roll over.” My dad instructed gently. He is a very calm man. He has such patience, that I could only dream of having. Slowly, Pinto moved and my dad went to attend one of his calls. I heard the television turn on, that must be Mae. Well, Mae is my younger sister, she is one of the most annoying souls in the world. The sound of ‘Barney and Friends’ surely confirmed my statement. She loves watching that show while consuming dinner. I stepped into the kitchen, to find a delicious plate of food. Roasted chicken, on the side, along with quenelle of sour cream and grilled broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cheese to accompany the meat. In our family, it is essential to only consume fresh and homemade meals. Unlike other students in my grade, I’ve never been to Taco Bell or McDonald’s. I’ve never eaten chips or fro yo. We are one of the healthiest families in ShoreVille, and most definitely, the richest. ShoreVille is a rather small town, but our family’s name is extremely famous, across the state. This is one of the reasons why I am the richest girl at my school, ShoreVille High. I’m going into 8th grade this year and Mae is going into 3rd. I am really waiting for the school to begin! I hate summer vacations with all my heart. Fortunately, there’s only 3 more days for school to begin!

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