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The Aftermath

By @Nelson11

The Explosion

“Target in sight, load your bomb, Copper.” “Yes, sir!” came a firm reply. The young pilot of the almighty B-29 Bomber  pushed a lever and heard the heavy metal screeching below him.”Drop the bomb, now!” Copper quickly pulled back the leather-covered lever and felt a colossal object free the bomber from its weight, completely unaware of the suffering and chaos that very bomb would cause.

Tamaki crumpled onto his moth-eaten mattress and peered out of the cracked window, the busy city of Nagasaki did not look war-affected in the slightest. His name Tamaki meant a true gem, well cared for and treasured, but he hadn’t felt so in years since America declared war on Japan. Suddenly, he spotted a black object rapidly descending from the sky. “I hope it’s chocolate, I’ve heard that Americans are parachuting chocolate and lollies from their plane, I haven’t tasted chocolate in years.” Tamaki thought hopefully to himself.No, it is not chocolate, but something large and round…

The blazing light temporarily blinded him as the powerful soundwave hit him. He thought he felt his eardrums burst and searing pain in his back. He could feel no more…

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