The Adventures of DRUMP and TRUMP

By @sweechme

The Adventures of DRUMP and TRUMP

By @sweechme

The big brain of Drump, together with the grenade dispenser Trump, they embark on their journey around the world to demolish the dark forces of evil.

Chapter 1


“Stupid drug smuggler,” Drump muttered to himself. Why do these people make money through such in-humane ways, he though. ” Maybe I can destroy the whole drug network and then perhaps BNN can report the news and I will be famous! ” he imagined it as he turned off the television. And then I won’t be bored by this boring drug lord, cereal brand exit deal, racial, North Korea news, he thought with a smile on his face as he felt asleep.

Next morning, in the thick of mist he was Drump was in a cemetery looking through tombstones searching for a fresh corpse. He started digging when he found the perfect match. He dragged the corpse home to his laboratory. The was a pungent smell of all things bad and a slimy brown liquid dripping from the corpse, other than that, it was in mint condition! 

Drump replaced the rectum with a grenade dispenser and replaced his hand with an iron fist and implanted a chip, mic and a camera into his head. Drump decided to name his Trump. 

   “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” a loud cry released when Drump switch on the chip. Trump was in a state of confusion and delirium and blur. “Where am I, who am I and who are YOU?” he asked. Drump explained to Trump about his mission and plan to destroy the drug network and how he has modified his body to help him achieve his mission. And finally, Drump ordered Trump to **** and and grenade rolled out on the laboratory floor and instinctively both of them jumped out the closest window. They landed on the soft garden grass, unscathed and unharmed. “Well there goes that, and now, let us complete our mission” Drump said. 

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