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The Adventure with no End

By @Itshemlock

The preview

(keep in mind this is rough draft written by a 14 year old at 2 am)

Their breath was sharp in their ears, heart pounding from adrenaline. Their feet pounding against the forest floor like a drum. The object in their hands sending bright pinpricks of pain shooting up their arms. All they knew was they had to get rid of it and end….. oh ***, what did they have to stop? Would something happen if they didn’t stop it? Suddenly they become aware of footsteps behind them, thumping slowly closer.

“C’mon just give me the clock and no one gets hurt.”

Oh is that was they were holding? It was too dark to tell. But more importantly, why did that sound so familiar?

(Btw this is a test its my first time posting here)

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