The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

Jax, a normal teenager turned superhero fighting for the people and the girl he cares about... He met her in the alleyway in the future, not realizing that he is not in his hometown anymore

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Super Evil Showdown:

Upo & Alien Master (AM) showdown.


Upo is born, and he is so evil that he decides to destroy his own creator. Alien Master (AM) is shocked that Upo wants to destroy him.


Upo: “You may have created me, but you disgust me.”



AM: “Obey me! You have to, I am your creator!”



Upo: Upo laughs maniacally. “Never, I will become the next AM.”



Then Upo easily destroys the AM, by flying him into the stratosphere, and leaves him there until he suffocates. Upo leaves AM there, and returns to earth.

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