The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

Jax, a normal teenager turned superhero fighting for the people and the girl he cares about... He met her in the alleyway in the future, not realizing that he is not in his hometown anymore

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Facing the Alien:

The Alien Master is out to destroy the world, and decides to make a perfect alien that can




speak the human language and take over more of them. The first Alien Master




(AM) gave birth to all kinds of aliens, but has been preparing for this ultimate form.




The new creature called Upo, is almost as powerful as Jax and can punch




a hole through the world. Upo is so strong that even if Jax fights him he will be defeated




but what Upo doesn’t realize is that first he needs to gather enough energy that can be




on full blast.

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