The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

Jax, a normal teenager turned superhero fighting for the people and the girl he cares about... He met her in the alleyway in the future, not realizing that he is not in his hometown anymore

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Aliens and the Chipmunks

The secret society of (underground) friendship (SSOF) is an underground group of multiracial, multicultural, multi-gender, conscious community. In the future they are the rebels who have been forming secret societies of friends in an underground spa. They practice consent, cuddle parties, massage, holding hands, hugging and all forms of public display of affection (PDA.)

Chapter 5 pg. 1:

  1. Erica reveals the button behind a curtain.
  2. Erica goes to push the button
  3. The screen in the cinema raises, Erica looks impatient.
  4. A secret passage is revealed!
  5. Erica: “Pretend that we just met, and you didn’t just fall from the sky.”
  6. Jax: “Oh, isn’t that lying?”
  7. Jax & Erica are walking down a winding staircase
  8. Erica: “And whatever you do, don’t lose your badge?
  9. Jax: “Chipmunk.”
  10. Erica: “Are you even listening?”
  11. Erica’s nanny: “Oh my god Erica, you’re back!
  12. Jessica (Erica’s Nanna asks accusingly with red eyes:) “Who is this?!”
  13. Jax: “Uh… Hi.”
  14. Erica: “His name is Jax… He fell from…”
  15. Erica: “We met near the old town.” Jax offers his hand to Jessica.
  16. Jessica: She ignores Jax’s open hand, Jessica: “How dare you!”
  17. Jessica: “We seriously need to talk.”
  18. Erica: “But…”
  19. Jax is left alone..
  20. Jax sees a bar. 2 men are sitting at the Chipmunk bar.
  21. Jax: “Hi can I join you?”
  22. The 2 men ignore Jax and continue their conversations?
  23. Earl: “Can you believe we’re stuck underground?”
  24. James: “It’s not so bad, at least we have friends here.”
  25. Jax: “Uh… Hello?”
  26. James: “True, but aren’t you worried about the Aliens?”
  27. Earl: “You mean the Alien Chipmunks?”
  28.  Jax: “AAAAAAAAAA GHGGHGH!” (Jax is frustrated and confused.)
  29. Jax faceplants on the bar table… 
  30. Bartender: “What’s the matter kid?” Looks at Jax over his shoulder with a concerned expression. 

Chapter 5 pg. 2:

  1. Jax: “I must be dreaming… Earlier today I was… What is HAPPENING!?” 
  2. Bartender looks concerned. Bartender: “Sounds like you need a drink.” 
  3. Jax: “I’m not old enough…” Jax stares at the menu.
  4. Bartender: “Nonsense! Everyone is allowed to drink at the chipmunk bar”
  5. Jax: “Oh…” “What’s a Chipmunk cocktail?”
  6. Bartender: His face gets serious…  
  7. Bartender: “Where are you from kid?”
  8. Jax: “Uh… Up… Town ?” Jax says embarrassed and avoidant. 
  9. Bartender: “I KNEW IT! What’s it like up there? Has everyone gone crazy? I know when we decided to go underground, it was like the…
  10. Jax: “Uh do you hear that?
  11. Bartender: “Hear what?”
  12. RUUUUUUUMMMMBLE!!! Loud SFX cuts through the page. Chapter Ends…

Chapter 5 pg. 3:

  1.  Suddenly the roof begins to crumble, rocks are falling into the pool. People panic!
  2. Jax sees Erica from a distance, behind a falling rock.
  3. Jax: “ERICAAA!” He yells in an afraid tone turning his head towards the back… Erica doesn’t hear him.
  4. A while later…after facing towards his drink, Jax finds a Chipmunks tail from out of nowhere…
  5. When Erica leaves Jax to talk to her Nanny, and Jax gets confused and faints after discovering he is now in the future… Jax wakes up to some unusual sounds (inside his head people are screaming.)
  6. At first he thinks he is going crazy, but then realizes that it’s coming from above, and he can hear them.
  7. He heads outside and sees that a massive Alien ship is parked above the city. Spot lights and the massive shadow over the city cause mass panic on the surface. The Alien ship starts to beam people aboard and people are flying through the air. 
  8. Jax is terrified… Eyes wide, he looks at the chaos in horror.
  9. Jax grips his hands tighter, and feeling power coursing through his body, 
  10. Jax rushes back to the SSOF, at super speed, and arrives to warn everybody.
  11. But when he arrives, everyone is calm and complacent. This makes Jax angry, and he has to overcome his shyness about public speaking at that moment. 
  12. “Friends! I have something to tell you!!!”
  13. “It’s an invasion out there! You are all in danger!”
  14. “He discovers that Jessica & Erica have gone above to try to fight the Aliens, and Jax is left alone again.

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