The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

Jax, a normal teenager turned superhero fighting for the people and the girl he cares about... He met her in the alleyway in the future, not realizing that he is not in his hometown anymore

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Call to Action:

Knowing about his past life – 

What life was like at school as a child. How it was when he was little, what he did when he was growing up. What he wants to do when he grows up and get out of college. What does he want? To save the world?

Jax has something on his mind. Being outside helps him think, so he decides to take a walk in the park. He’s depressed because he doesn’t know how to use his powers, or why he has them. He starts thinking about god, and then asks the sky “Why god, why me?” That’s when a portal opens up. Jax hears the “voice of god” (which is actually his father) who tells him to go through the portal. “The future is in danger.” 

He hears a girls voice, she is asking for help. That’s the first time he hears Erica’s voice. He can communicate with her telepathically. She says her name is Erica and she is from the future. Jax learns all kinds of things about the future. People in the future don’t go to college, because they are all destroyed. There is also very few humans who have faith in god anymore, Erica is one of them. Jax learns that she is part of a secret group of “Friends” that meet in secret and talk about ways they can help other oppressed people. Jax wants to help Erica, and realizes that Erica’s parents disappeared. They have this in common. But she hesitates to tell Jax that her parents were captured by the Alien Master. Erica is afraid. Jax realizes that he has to save her parents.

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