The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

Jax, a normal teenager turned superhero fighting for the people and the girl he cares about... He met her in the alleyway in the future, not realizing that he is not in his hometown anymore

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The return:

Jax flies back down to Erica, and is sad.

Erica: “Earth is finally safe. Thanks Jax!”

Jax is sad for destroying Upo, but happy that Erica is happy.


The portal opens up again, and allows Jax to return to his home world. He realizes his only purpose for coming to Nu Earth and realizes he has to go home. He returns to discover that his side of the world has changed. Things have gotten really bad! There is literally nothing left. Jax is sad that he will never find his parents, and thinking of his family, he realizes that his family is Erica, and the rest of the underground friends (the underground PAL orphans.)


Jax is crestfallen, but then realizes that he has feelings for Erica and that there is nothing more for him in this world so he decides to jump back through the portal to be with Erica.

Author: Pranjal Varma

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