The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

Jax, a normal teenager turned superhero fighting for the people and the girl he cares about... He met her in the alleyway in the future, not realizing that he is not in his hometown anymore

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: From Ordinary Beginnings:

Chapter 1 pg. 1:

P1: Offscreen voice: “One touch Jax! Shoot!”

Action: Jax dribbling on soccer field, player is running aggressively next to him.

P2: Jax makes an amazing goal on the soccer field. 

Offscreen Jax voice: “GOOOOOOOOAL!”

P3: Narrator voice: “I guess it all began on that day…”

Announcer voice: “That’s it!!! “The Chipmunks win the game!” Jax is being hoisted on the shoulders of his teammates proudly.

Offscreen voice: “I guess my life is pretty good…”

P4: Jax is in college, he’s good at class, and has many friends. 

Narrator voice: “Maybe it’s my karma, or maybe I’m just cursed…”

Jax is learning to play guitar, surrounded by 2 beautiful women and his friend. 

P5: Narrator voice: “But I have a secret…” 

Closeup of the strings on Jax guitar starting to freeze, (singing his own lyrics. One of the girls asks if he wrote that song.)

P6: Suddenly Jax’s hands glow, and he freezes his guitar.

P7: The guitar shatters. People are shocked.

Dialogue: “What just happened? Boooooo!”

P8: Jax excuses himself, and runs home blushing.

P9: Back at home… Closes the door behind him.

P10: Jax looks at his hands, they are covered in ice.

P11: “Why do I have these powers? I just wish I was normal!

Chapter 1 pg. 2:

P1: Narrator Jax’s voice: “I have a secret…

Action: Jax is pulling down the window blinds.

P2: Action: Jax is standing in front of an empty bowl, his hands start to radiate white light. SFX: “Voooooooooo…”

P3: Narrator Jax’s voice: “I don’t know if I should tell anyone… Or if anyone will believe me…

P4: Action: Jax shoots ice from his hands…

Action: Jax is standing over the bowl, his hands start to radiate white light…

P5: Action: Jax pours strawberry syrup into the bowl of ice…

SFX: Splort!

P6: Action: Jax walks happily towards the couch…

P7: Action: Jax sitting on the couch… Watching TV.

Jax Narrator: “The day my father brought me to work…

P8: Jax Narrator: “My father worked at the Lymerick nuclear power plant….”

*TV Narration: “Today, the Lymerick power plant will be shut down… The court finally agreed to shut it down due to the lawsuit fifteen years ago.

P9: Reporter March O’Tool standing in front of the power plant, in Lymerick, PA.

TV Reporter March O’Tool: “A baby was found, seemingly unharmed. Police are baffled how he got there. Just where is this child’s father?”

Action: TV is displaying a scene of a nuclear power plant.

P10: Action: Jax’s father, Mike is holding Jax up.

Jax Narrator: “I still don’t know why he brought me there that day.”

P11: Action: Jax’s father, Mike is looking at a worker. 

Worker Dialogue: “Hey Mike… Boss wants you for that DNA test.”

Mike Narration: “Be right there…”

Jax Dialogue: “DNA! DNA!”

P12: Mike Narration: “Stay out of trouble son…”

Jax Narrator: “But he didn’t come back.”

P13: Jax Narrator: “I don’t know how, I escaped. Maybe I sensed danger, or tried to find my dad.” 

P14: Jax Narrator: “Either way… I remember there was an accident.”

Action: Jax is climbing

The alien master (disguised as his boss,) is using human DNA to create a machine that can get him back to his home planet in the future! Jax’s father is working on the machine, and is accidentally called to the place where the portal is opened (by Jax’s father’s blood to activate it.) The alien master, all the workers and Jax’s dad get thrown into the portal and it causes disturbance in the bld and it rumbles, and the toxic waste canister cracks and baby Jax is exposed to it.

Jax’s friend at home is a robot who has a Best Friend computer chip (feelings.)

Chapter 1 pg. 3:

P1: Narrator voice: “My life has been a mixture of praise and confusion… 

Action: Jax’s dad (adoptive father) holding Jax in his arms.

P2: “The boss wants to talk to you outside.” 

Jax’s father: “Be right there.” 

His dad puts Jax down to talk to one of his workers, and leaves.

Jax’s father: “Stay Jax, don’t go anywhere.” 

Jax escapes .

Policeman finds Jax 

Jax got his super powers from birth. God says “You are chosen one.” When someone left him at a factory at birth, He was exposed to super toxic waste. He is adopted, and as he was growing up he started realizing he was a bit different from the other kids. Not only does he have supersonic hearing, he can also send ice from his hands, fire from his mouth and is also crazy smart.

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