The Accidental Deity

By @SoulDevourer98
The Accidental Deity

Fantasy story based off critical role's character Jester, played by Laura Bailey. Inspiration from a comic I saw based on how her deity got a cleric. It's still a work in progress. More to come as time goes on.

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Chapter 1

The Little One

There once was an inn known as the lavish chateau, an establishment known for it’s entertainment from music to the woman who sings it. The woman was known across the land as The Ruby of the Sea but her real name was Marion Lavorre. She was a red skinned teifling woman of the night in the beautifully designed inn however she also had a secret. A little girl named Jester who had blue skin, blue hair, and a fun loving trickster attitude that always brought a smile to her face. Jester was also a happy little girl who wanted to see fun all around though she was restrained a bit because of her mother’s business and the chateau’s desire to keep it booming.

Little Jester’s time however was not always spent alone. She would often sneak out of her room and explore the chateau’s luxury and meet some of the guests who were spending the nights without her mother’s company. Her biggest challenge in this act was getting past Bluud, the massive dull horned minotaur who was her mother’s bodyguard that kept people away from her mother’s personal bedchamber. She also had to watch out for Nadine her mother’s human servant.

One night Jester managed to sneak out of her room with a bobby pin. She snuck down a hallway and used the shadows to her advantage. Nadine was just leaving her mother’s room with an empty platter besides a few apple cores and a partial bottle of wine with 2 glasses. Jester quickly darted to the corner in the hallway where the torch light didn’t quite reach entirely enough to give a clear view. Nadine walked past her as one of the glasses began to tip off the side of the platter. Jester quickly sunk back into the corner as much as possible and ducked her head.

“Please don’t let her see me” she thought, “I’m just trying to have fun”.

In that moment a forest green cloak barely visible appeared with a hand that came out and adjusted the glass so it was sitting perfectly once again. When Nadine began to turn her head the cloak quickly covered Jester entirely and turned dark as shadow itself keeping Nadine’s gaze from reaching her. After Nadine had passed none the wiser Jester heard something in her ear. “You’re safe. I’m hear to help you with all your mischief”, the cloaked form whispered to her then faded to nothing.

Jester quickly looked around for the cloaked figure who helped her, but as she heard footsteps down the stairs her head clicked back into what she was doing. She slid down the hallway to one of the rooms she knew was empty that night. As she came to the door she pulled the bobby pin out of her hair and began working at the lock. After two or three minutes she was able to successfully pick the lock open after a few fumbles. Once she had the door open she double checked the room sticking her head just through the doorway.

When no one was seen she slipped inside quietly and shut the door behind her. She then slowly crept to the center of the room and pulled up the area rug. Underneath was a one inch hole that she could look through and watch the dining area downstairs. She saw some people dancing, some drinking and talking, and some people playing card games and drinking games. As she continued watching the patrons she heard the voice from earlier again.

“What mischief are you thinking of causing here?” The cloaked figure whispered again.

Jester looked up at the cloaked figure and this time she could see a boy with light skin and a devilish grin wearing a closed up forest green cloak.

“Hello there. What’s your name? Would you like to be my friend?” she asked cheerfully.

“Hello. My name is The Traveler. I would be honored to be your friend. Tell me what is your name?” He replied.

“My name is Jester and my mommy is Marion the ruby of the sea. She calls me her little sapphire. Can I call you emerald cuz of you’re green cloak?” She said looking at him quizzically.

“The Traveler is fine for now. I may come and go from time to time but I’ll always be just a call away.” He said trying to calm her questions.

“How did you get here? It was pretty cool what you did earlier. The way you appeared and hid me then disappeared. Can you teach me to do that?” She said with pleading eyes.

“Maybe one day I will, but for now I must go. It seems your voice carried and someone is on their way” he stated before fading into the darkness and disappearing.

It was at that moment Jester heard someone opening the door. When the door opened there stood her mother Marion with a disapproving look on her face that quickly faded to smile as she saw the smile on Jester’s.

“Mommy, mommy, I made a friend today! He was just here! He randomly appeared when I was trying to get here and then he showed up while I was watching the people downstairs! He said he might teach me some magic to appear and disappear like he did!” Jester rambled on before her mother cut her off.

“Well I’m glad you’re making friends but you’re supposed to be in bed young lady or at least your room getting ready.” She said with a happy but stern tone.

“Ok, I’ll go draw before I go to bed then.” Jester whined wanting to watch the people downstairs a little longer.

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