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The Death of Dallas

By @rp052089


“Leela, something doesn’t look right or feel right, i think we should leave!!!”

“What do you mean?” said Leela kind of scared

“Well, it is like someone is watching us” Dallas said trying to act strong

“I am going to pack my clothes and then we are getting out of here okay”?? Said Dallas because he didn’t want another minute in this house not one!!

“Okay, I will also pack my suitcase so we can leave” Leela said

So they pack their suitcase and were ready to go but then something really weird happend the Dallas relized, we was telling his wife that it is time to go but she said that she didn’t want to because she has her friend that need hers and she can’t leave!!

“WHAT are you taking about Leela we need to leave the car is packed come on”!

“NO, I don’t want to leave I told you that my best friend needs me”

“WHO the Hell are you talking about, you can call them on the phone, so lets go”


They had a fight about it, and Dallas picked her up and took her to the Car, but Leela for some reason was way stronger then Dallas, and Ran back into the house, then he relized what was going on, becasue Leela never yelled at him and is Definelty not stronger then him. I guess the ghost could read his mind because he heard Leela scream with all her might.


“I AM HERE PLEASE HELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPP ME” she cried with all her might

I tried to look for her but i couldn’t find her, then out of the blue a big bang came and i was out like a light blub.

“SOOOOOO Dallas, how are you I stole you little Girlfriend’s body to kill”

I woke up feeling so weird inside not knowing what was happening, but i can’t take it, my girlfriend, maybe I can try to talk to her and get her back so that he can’t take her!!!!!!!!

“LEELA my pretty beautiful amaing girl, I love you with all my heart and i can’t bare….”

“She can’t here you said, the ghost, but i guess, you can have her back and then i can kill her togther, and i will do it very slowly”

That is when Leela was thrown on me

“Oh Leela are you okay, my sweet amazing lovely and….”

“Shut up with the lovely dovey, now i am going to kill you both, hahahahhaahahah”

He grabbed a chainshaw and went after them, the got past him, but then Dallas, saw that he was going after his girl so he held her and he got the chainsaw and killed the ghost, but he also got cut, bad and his last words were.

“Leela with the love i have for you. You better belive that i will die for you, but no matter what i will love till the end of eternity”

“DALLAS NO, please God no” She cried

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